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As established as an international site MYR is, this website could never reach far and wide if lacking the support of several parties.  We therefore dedicate this page of appreciation especially to those enthusiastic staffs of other sites, or even individual fans who have warmly aided MYR in every aspect possible. 

Website Credits

  • Dong Ren Xin Xuan 动人心璇

  • Michelle Ye's Discussion Forum

  • Asian Fanatics

  • RayMic-Nebula 峰雲星璇 

  • RM Dreamworld

  • Michelle's Hut 叶璇小屋

  • Xuan Wu Men 璇武门

  • Xuan Gong Lue 璇攻略

  • Individual Credits
    1. laser
    2. mellowlove119
    3. Zita
    4. Winter_Stargirl
    5. Teppi
    6. can☆car

     Donator's Credits
    1. SKWee
    2. Kim Le (shortie703)

    Special Credits
    1. SKWee
    2. D3

    We would also like to extend our utmost gratitude to all fans that have trusted their faith with us, walking through with us, from the first evolvement of MYR to what we share today.  Your presence here is our honor, also the vital criterion of MYR's success today. 

    In any case if any party regard that they should be credited for their contribution that we missed out or if you think we have offended you by reposting whatever you prefer not be reposted, do not hesitate to contact us at MYRsupport2@gmail.com. Our intention is purely to share whatever Michelle-related material that are available in Chinese to the international fans, and no negative intention is meant. 

    Once again, a very BIG thank you to those who have enabled this site possible!

    MYR Team
    Our Passion Has No Boundaries
    2006 - 2015





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