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'Rumor Queen' Michelle Ye denies not getting along with Kenix Kwok; does not wish to speak of Tian Liang

Posted by MYR on January 20, 2008 at 10:34 AM

20 Jan 2008 - 'Rumor Queen' Michelle Ye denies not getting along with Kenix Kwok; does not wish to speak of Tian Liang

'Rumor Queen' Michelle Ye denies not getting along with Kenix Kwok; does not wish to speak of Tian Liang


Source: Red Net

20th Jan 2008, 22:50:28


Michelle Ye who is labeled 'rumor queen' and 'loner' is no doubt Hong Kong entertainment industry's most newsworthy lady in the recent years. Earlier today, Michelle was present at Changsha to attend 'Kuai Le Da Ben Ying' (roughly translated as: Happy Camp). She was dressed in a youthful appearance, and was lively all the while and even claimed herself to be 'brainless'. Towards the rumors of not getting along well with her old 'home' TVB, Michelle insisted that their relationship is just as harmonious. As for the matter of the marriage of her rumored boyfriend Tian Liang, Michelle appeared reluctant to discuss it further.


Claimed rumors to be the tactic of HK media


Loving to grab attention and loving to stir rumors are the images the media has given Michelle. Her news are mostly either about being 'supported' (given living expenses by men) or being a loner, she is even labeled the 'rumor queen', 'loner' and other nick names by the media. When she appeared in Changsha today, Michelle Ye was instead observed to be very childlike. When accepting interviews with reporters, she kept teasing the reporters and only has mercy when the reporter blushes.


Towards the negative labels and rumors, Michelle appeared unaffected, she smiled saying: "The true me is before your eyes right now, (I'm) a little brainless and careless. A lot of rumors are actually just tactics for promotions, every media has their own way and style of doing promotion, Hong Kong media are more towards gossip, I'm helpless about it, I haven't heard of most of them (rumors), thus I can't especially respond to each and everyone of them."


Denies not getting along with Kenix Kwok


Although (she) would not respond to every single rumor, but upon hearing the rumor of Kenix Kwok rejecting to work in 'Tutor Queen' due to fear of Michelle's abundant rumors, Michelle appeared shocked and instantly asked: "Where did (you) hear the news?" She later clarified: "She always play mahjong with me, how can we not get along?" According to Michelle, Kenix and Michelle are mahjong-friends for several years already. They even learnt playing mahjong together, and also worked together before, thus the rumor of them not getting along is just too absurd.


As a used to be well promoted TVB member, and who has just signed a new contract with another company, Michelle praises her old 'home' – TVB is a good environment "It is the most up to standard company I've been to, they allow people to concentrate on work, and it has the best environment to grooming a talent." Michelle denies there are 'battles' behind scenes, and that there are complexities, saying: "Colleagues have good relationships, everyone started filming when we're just teens, everyone is like a big family, how can there be so much 'battles', that's too exaggerating."


Does not wish to mention Tian Liang


Michelle has always had fate with diving athletes, she has ever had rumors with Tian Liang several times, but now that her rumored boyfriend has chosen to get married, she is still alone. Towards this, Michelle reserved her frankness before, and became a little reserved instead.


Michelle admitted she has already heard of the news that Tian Liang was getting married, and that she did not get any invitations. She expressed: "I'm working everyday, and am too busy, thus I wouldn't have the time." Her tone of speech did not carry any intention of blame. Towards the rumors, Michelle strongly clarified: "Those are blind accusations, also the tactic of Hong Kong media." However, when she was asked if she would send her regards to Tian Liang's wedding, Michelle changed the topic with, "Let's not talk about personal matters here, try to talk more on work matter."




Upon hearing he entered the marriage phase with girlfriend, Michelle Ye unwilling to give her wishes to Tian Liang

Source: Changsha Evening Paper

21st Jan 2008

Michelle Ye seemed to be fated to be the rumor queen and especially have fate with China's diving athlete. She braved the wind and snow to be present at Hunan TV for the shooting of 'Kuai Le Da Ben Ying' (roughly translated: Happy Camp). Although she did not want to talk about her personal relationship, reporters did not let her go on her rumors with Tian Liang. When reporters pestered if she knew of Tian Liang's marriage, Michelle who was smiling all the while appeared to have a change in facial expression.


Michelle has filmed several series in these two years, her popularity is quite high, but her rumors are still competing with her productions. During the 2004 Olympics, Michelle hosted a program and was rumored with diving prince Tian Liang. When the reporters met her yesterday, reporters raised the rumor issue, she replied guiltlessly, saying: "It is of course fake, made up by others, we're only good friends." About Tian Liang and his girlfriend entering the marriage phase, was Michelle aware of it? She smiled saying, "I've heard of it." Later when asked if she would send her wishes to her 'good friend', Michelle's smile discontinued and said, "I don't wish to discuss on personal matters during working time."


About her own progression, Michelle revealed that she is currently busy filming a movie with Eason Chan and Sammi Cheng – 'Cha Zi Neui', she plays Eason's wife inside and is often crying inside the movie, but she is in fact always happy behind the scene. When asked if she worries that she will have rumor with the already married Eason Chan, Michelle said, "Eason is a very family dedicated man. At the filming site, once he has the chance, he will call his wife and son to chat. Also, he chats most about his son at the filming set. He shouldn't have any 'fate' with rumors."

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