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Michelle Produces and Stars in New Series

Posted by MYR on October 23, 2011 at 8:35 PM

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Michelle Produces and Stars in New Series


Michelle Ye has been busy filming "Ninth Widow"《第九个寡妇》in which she produces and stars in. The series casts includes, Han Dong, Liu Pei Qi, Chi Peng, and Xiao Yi


When asked about the recruitment for the series, Michelle replied that she did not personally know most of the artists that were chosen beforehand, but they were instead picked based on their suitable roles for the script.


Reporters asked about the kissing scenes between Li Dong Xue and Michelle.  Michelle stated she had never met Li Dong Xue before, but after watching his TV series, she realized that his acting was good and invited him to film this TV series.  


]Michelle Earn Praises From Castmates


Liu Pei Qi who plays Michelle's father-in-law stated that,  "Michelle is not an ordinary woman; the way she arranges and puts everything together for this TV series is very admirable." Li Dong Xue also stated, "I'm very honored to collaborate with Michelle.  She is one of the actresses that I admire the most, and she is an outstanding person. When filming with her, I am able to learn a lot from her.  I hope we can collaborate again in the future." A reporter then asked, "How about before when your manager said you guys have a lot of space for development.  Is that true?"  Dong Xue replied, "A very big space for collaborative development."  


Michelle Not Ready To Have Kids


There was a scene where Michelle carried her baby; the narrator said that the way Michelle carries her baby is very atmospheric. Michelle expressed, "I'm quite professional at that [carrying babies].  I've carried babies many times in TV series, so I'm very familiar with it, but I don't want to have kids right now."


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