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Michelle Ye & Crystal Wang's limelight loses color to Sean Lau

Posted by MYR on August 18, 2011 at 5:25 PM

Source: Oriental Daily

Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Since Louis Koo is suffering from leg injuries, the Overheard 2film premiere was left to be supported by Sean Lau, Daniel Wu, CrystalWang and Michelle Ye. Film premieres had always been a beauty battlebetween the female artists. The night of the premiere, Michelle andCrystal had on respectively a girdle transparent dress and a deep Vevening dress. Unfortunately the 'attention' on the two were limited,and only relied on their slight career lines for a feast to the eyes.


However, whatever the two girls tried to put forth, they were stillunable to compare with Amy Kwok's knitted shirt that she carefullyprepared for her husband Sean. Because the AC was on too high, Sean'shands were ice-cold and had a 'sticking out' figure (nipples seen underhis shirt). When reporters praised his sticking out figure was verysexy. Sean embarrassingly pretended to do Crystal's spoiled voiceasking for help. He said in Mandarin, "You all are so naughty!"


Sean and Amy have been married for several years and had always been aloving couple. Earlier Amy said her husband strictly prohibited her tolook sexy. Every time she leaves the door, she would first have to haveSean's 'approval'. Reporters teased if he'll be cautious of what hechooses for his wife to wear to the Venice Film Festival? Sean made aslick response: "When was I that type of person?! (Do you haveconfidence to become the Film King?) If have to win, it should bedirector Johnny To first. I am just going to accompany him."


As for Louis' injury, Sean and Crystal both sent their blessings tohim. Crystal laughed: "The day after Louis' got injured, I attended anevent in Guangzhou with him. I saw him using crutches and thought somewell known brand custom made that for him. Later, I saw he couldn'teven stand straight while taking photos, that's when I realized he doeshave a serious injury. Then I ran over to help him, he said it hurts alot. I don't understand why he's in so much pain, but he wasexpressionless." Michelle added a joke to tease Louis: "He's fat, oldand has grey hair, now he's crippled too!"

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