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The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards Nominations: Louis Koo Got Snubbed!

Posted by Kim on February 11, 2010 at 10:47 AM

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Feb 11, 2010


The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards Nominations: Louis Koo Got Snubbed!


The Hong Kong Film Awards Association announced the nominations for the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards on Tuesday, February 9. There are surprises and upsets that make people scratch their heads and wonder. Shu Qi nominated for Best Actress, also Chang Chen and Alex Fong for Best Supporting Actor's worth is questionable. Yet, the most unexpected upset is once unanimously favored Louis Koo unable to make the list.


Newspapers in the past few days have tried to analyze the reason and concluded that it's the awards voting mechanism attributed to the situation. According to the nomination election procedures, there are two voting portions including registered HKFA Voters and first round 100 professional adjudicators. The result of each group will comprise 50% of the total score. Who's belonged to the HKFA Voter group? The answer is any one who fulfills the HKFA voter registration qualifications and have registered with the Hong Kong Film Awards Association. It's reported that there are about 868 members in this group. Therefore, the media points out this is a loophole in awards voting mechanism because as long as the circle of friends in the entertainment industry is big enough, deep enough, qualifying for nomination is not hard to get.


No wonder Louis got snubbed since he's the unique type of introverted character who rarely attends any socialize events. Louis' performances in 'Overheard' and 'Accident' have earned him high approval from both critics and public, also recognized on the international stages. Louis was considered the favorite for this year award winner, yet unexpectedly fell short to be eligible for nomination. Some newspapers printed Louis was disappointed. However, when asked how he feels about this matter in a telephone interview, Louis said that he is not disappointed and he'll work harder because there are still many opportunities.


Louis' co-star in 'Overheard' and close friend Sean Lau, who is nominated for Best Actor, wished Louis was on the list with him. "It'd be much better", said Sean Lau. While Michelle Ye, who made the cut for Best Supporting Actress, thanked Louis for teaching her many thing during their cooperation in 'Accident

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