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Michelle Ye attends brand promotion event

Posted by Kim on June 11, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Michelle Ye attends brand promotion event

Source: Sina Entertainment

11th Jun 2010

When Michelle's elegance combines with classic brand of the century, what chemistry will that create on the night of 10th June, Michelle Ye immediately becomes the highlight at the entire scene upon appearing.

At the press conference, Michelle appeared in pale blue elegance, her simple hairdo with magnificent costume as well as confident smile, perfectly demonstrated the soul and motive of the brand.

President of the Audi brand who communicated in English with Michelle Ye said:  The brand of the vehicle represents the perfection idea, and the innovative breakthrough spirit is aligned with Michelle Ye's improvement in her acting career, and thus invited her to be their spokesperson, together with the Chinese movie queen, Maggie Cheung.

Michelle Ye who is recognized as the new talent of the industry is expected to have a good achievement as the new queen of the movies of Hong Kong in future. She is busy filming 'Choy Li Fut Fist' movie, and the movie is expected to be the Lunar movie next year.



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