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Michelle Ye Exclusive Interview: Award or not, Johnny To is the Legend

Posted by MYR on May 19, 2009 at 10:22 AM

19 May 2009 - Michelle Ye Exclusive Interview: Award or not, Johnny To is the Legend

Source: Wangyi Entertainment

19th May 2009



Although Michelle Ye's screen time in 'Vengeance' was very minimal, she still is the main female lead in this men-dominated movie of Johnny To's. The movie is nominated in the film festival, she expressed that she is calm and her usual self, and that even if Jonny To does not win the award, he is still the legendary icon of Hong Kong film industry.


Johnny To loves to create implicit love


WE = Wangyi Entertainment

MY = Michelle Ye


WE: The role you played in the movie, it seems that it her identity was not explicitly clarified, but there were a few scenes in the movie that portrays your deep love relationship with Anthony Wong, how did you first understand this role of yours?


MY: Right, after we finished filming, the director and us felt that there is possibility for the sequel, to clarify on the other details of this character, the child is actually theirs, so they can be considered to be husband and wife or lovers, but it was not clearly stated in the movie, but when he died, 'I' was extremely pained and miserable. This woman is definitely not a simple icon in the past either, otherwise she can't transform into an assassin in a nick of an eye, to complete the mission. We too found it amusing when we were filming, it should be an icon with many stories behind. The beach scene at the end of the movie did not exist initially, it was actually a scene in the beginning, in the script the foreigner was staying in my house, these segments were later extracted and inserted at the end of the movie.


WE: The background of the roles you explained just now did not seem to be explained in detail in the movie, are those explanation of the director to enable you further understand the roles in the movie?


MY: Actually we hinted out loud too. For example, when Anthony Wong came to our beach house, he was exceptionally loving towards the children, including our conversations, it was evident that we share a deep relationship based on the tone of our speech. For example when I fiercely asked him, "Why don't you leave after you eat?", just like how a wife scolds her husband. Also at his death scene, she was so anguished. The little bits here and there has actually outlined a clear picture. And our director personally loves to create these kind of implicit love relationship, not the kind that says 'I love you' outright.


In awe of Johnny Hallyday's popularity

WE: There are some foreign media who commented that Johnny Hallyday's performance was not too aligned with the entire atmosphere of the movie, what do you think of that?


MY: I feel that he is compatible with us, he belongs to the deep kind, his eyes are very green, very clear, you can gaze at them continuously, to see what he is actually thinking about, but it can't be clearly seen, because it reflects too much, this effect is actually very compatible with the dark and dim lightings. Also, he is a foreigner in the movie itself, his charisma should stand out from ours.


WE: You have most scenes with him in the movie, is there anything you're not used to in your collaboration with a foreign actor whose culture and acting habits may differ from ours?


MY: He is fluent in English, so we communicate in English, but he is quite pitiful, because not much people will speak to him, because, firstly, everyone is busy on set, secondly, most people can't speak English, French even less. Thus, there will be only the few of us talking to him, otherwise, no one bothers about him, even though he is such a mega star.


WE: Do you know him before working with him?


MY: Actually I don't know about him at all before, but after working together, and I have many friends who have stayed / studied in France before and were very amazed, they told me he was like a God in France, also some lecturers who taught French told me, even the label King of God is not enough to represent his status in the hearts of French people.


WE: So you actually only felt his establishment and popularity when you arrived in France?


MY: Yes, you saw the scene yesterday too, we were all truly honoured, it was mostly because of him that this movie getting such overwhelming attention.


Award or not, Johnny To is the Legend


WE: Some people were satisfied with this movie, while others felt that Johnny To is merely repeating the theme he presented in his past few movies. What do you think about these comments?


MY: Actually, I feel that it's ok as long as it's doing fine, it's no big deal if its repetitive or not, it was more important if it was nice each time watching it, it actually differs for everyone on the repetitive part, some thinks it's nice to be repetitive, just like how I eat rice every day, but we still think it's nice. For me, it's the first time I film Johnny To's movie, I watched his productions in the past too, but never analyzed it in such detail in our collaboration this time, therefore I personally still think there is a refreshing thrilling feel.


WE: This is the third consecutive time Johnny To gets nominated in Cannes Film Festival, do you have any anticipation for an award for this movie?


MY: I'm keeping myself at the usual. For me, award or not, he is still the legendary icon, winning the award will be a nice bonus to complement his status. If he does not, he is still the most respected director in my heart.


WE: In today's film festival magazine, 'Screen', the evaluation of 'Vengeance' is not too high, but still higher than Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' by 0.1 point, what do you think about it?


MY: I feel that different people will have different taste, they can't represent the 9 judges, but you said its higher than Director Ang Lee's movie by 0.1 point, I'm still quite happy, they're all at mega level, the difference of 0.1 point is not much.


Working with Johnny To again in 'Accidents'


WE: Are you working with Johnny To again anytime soon?


MY: Yes, I am actually still filming one of his productions, this movie will be released by this year.


WE: What role do you play in this movie?


MY: The movie title is 'Accidents', I play a cool assassin, with Louis Koo, Lam Suet. You may come to understand some things you mentioned you're unclear about earlier on, because Johnny To's movie are similar in a way, just like how Anthony Wong and the rest' roles were also in 'Exiled', 'The Mission', you can watch them like a series.

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