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Michelle Ye reveals her road to fame: Praises or criticism (flowers or slaps), I have to accept them

Posted by MYR on May 7, 2009 at 10:13 AM

07 May 2009 - Michelle Ye reveals her road to fame: Praises or criticism (flowers or slaps), I have to accept them

Michelle Ye reveals her road to fame: Praises or criticism (flowers or slaps), I have to accept them

Source: Sina Entertainment

7th May 2009




Michelle followed her father to United States at the age of 11, and started living on her own when she was 13. Qualifying for Wellesley College which was once school of outstanding ladies such as Madeleine Albright, Song Mei Ling, Bing Xin, etc, Michelle takes political science. She is talented in calligraphy, loves to study Buddhism, and had once won the 'Little Nobel prize' at International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), etc…


Back to the side of Michelle Ye who faces the camera, she is the popular 'Rumor Queen', most of the time, news regarding her are none other than, "hand in hands in a deep kiss", "late night mysterious visit", etc similar topics…


Wise women are always said to be most beautiful, but how many actually bother to care for the inner beauty of these beauties? Even lesser for someone in the entertainment industry.


As a young female celebrity, it is not most painful not being recognized, but being recognized 'for the wrong things'


Michelle Ye's name, Ye Xuan, was given by her mother, because her mother had wanted to become an actress like Zhou Xuan, but in vain, thus put her hope on her daughter instead.


After entering the industry, Michelle Ye indeed had the chance to play her mother's favourite actress. However, that Zhou Xuan was said to be unlike the real Zhou Xuan, because Ye Xuan (Michelle Ye) loved smiling too much.


"Zhou Xuan is not always bitter, I played the younger version of her, the Zhou Xuan of that age is like any other young ladies her age, has her own vision, her dreams and is happy."


As for Zhou Xuan's change later, it was the influence of her surroundings, not the people.


" …in order to survive, we become very minute, we can only try to adapt, if we fail, we are then disqualified, then may perhaps take the extreme end."


Determined Michelle will not allow herself to be 'disqualified'.


Stepping into the film industry, she believes in the day where everyone will see the details behind the surface. Just as how she anticipates to be able to be in simple tongs, and observe silently how others shoot a film, no one to notice her 'sexiness', and 'rumours', 'best if they treated me as though I wasn't present'.


This sounds like a paradox, if she really wants so, she can quit her job now, and she will soon be out of everyone's sight, no one will notice her any longer.


But she continues accepting one film after another, advertisement, hosting, she rejects none. In the end, the current Michelle will not be satisfied just to lay low: "Actually, it is only in the recent 3 years that I am clear of the direction and way I wish to venture. When I was just a newbie, I don't know anything, I will just do what others ask of me, it is a passive acceptation; I have no choice, and also know not how to choose. Be it fragrant flowers or slaps, I accept it."


"As a young female celebrity, it is not most painful not being recognized, but being recognized 'for the wrong things'." 'Slaps' did not make Michelle despise the road she chose: "These 'rumours' instead allowed me to love acting more, love the stage more, and even starts to love photography, lighting, one day I'll be familiar with everything onstage.


Michelle's recent work includes Johnny To's 'Vengeance' and Cheng Pou Sui's 'Assassins'. "Assassins is Johnny To's production, it filmed for a year, and is still patching up here and there, focusing on the relationship between Louis and I, it is quite a troublesome process. Although the scenes are excellent after patching up, the repetitive transfers of emotions, repetitive confessions, repetitive weeps, really consumed quite some efforts." Michelle was making up during the interview, she was still in the 'Vengeance' crew T-shirt.


In Michelle's eyes, Johnny To is a very smart director. He is a natural in shaping his characters' persona and the rhythm of their inner emotions, he creates apparent conflicts in his movies. Thus she minds not when others comment that she is just a 'vase' in Johnny To's movie.


"Finish watching Johnny's movie, every ending of a movie tells you, that the wisest one, allow those 'vases' character to decide the ending. Johnny To is cleare than anyone else of the equality between man and woman. It is in the end that everyone understands who the lead is."


Hardships, a gift from parents.


13 years old Michelle suggested to move out. "I'm not willing to live with a stranger."

She rented an apartment outside, and goes to her father's company for pocket money every month, laundry and meals, she deals it all by herself.


When she was 9, Michelle's mother could no longer bear the long period of separation, and decided to divorce, the last words she gave Michelle was "Mummy and Daddy are divorced, so I can no longer live here. I've taken care of you for 9 years, while he comes back two, three times a year, its time for a taste of his own medicine!"


A year later, Michelle was taken to the States by her father. Her father told her, career is a man's first priority, bringing her to the States was to allow her better education, and the road thereafter is up to her to walk down alone.


"Initially, I did hate him." Michelle will not avoid talking about Mother, "Many years ago, my birth mother became my life's biggest mystery, I kept wondering why she left me, until just one day I stopped thinking about it. It's not that I finally got th answer, but I understood about relationships, I know that she gave me life and that was the biggest compassion for me. When I arrived at States, Father was still busy with his business like in the past. My grandparents who went together decided to return back to China two years later as they could not adapt."


At this time, 13 years old Michelle suggested to move out. "I'm not willing to live with a stranger."

She rented an apartment outside, and goes to her father's company for pocket money every month, laundry and meals, she deals it all by herself.


Father only gave Michelle the necessary school fees, just like any other students, she had to earn for any other expenses. Michelle chose to work in a video rental shop, in her view, the job was actually paying double. "I do watch movies and rent tapes anyway, it's a kind of expense."


18 years old, Michelle qualified into the 500 pax quota per intake Wellesley College with straight A's results. In her first year, she was influenced by her step mother to take part in the beauty pageant, and emerged champion and thus entered the entertainment industry.


20 years old Michelle, with only two things in hands, beauty and brains, she chose to allow more to notice the former first.


On her blood relationship, Michelle feels that Buddhism's karma circle is applicable, such thought has strung her, her birth mother, stepmother, birth father, as well as her step brother, and perhaps even the future children together.


Gradually growing up, when she began experiencing life personally, began dating, began having pressure in life, Michelle's opinion towards her mother changed; "She gave me life, whatever it is, she also took care of me for nearly a decade. My relationship with her is very good now. It is very interesting that due to the separation of more than a decade, she became my friend forever, and not a strict mother, in fact, we're closer than ever."


Earlier on, 15 years old brother (mother's son in new marriage) called Michelle, saying he wants to study in the States, Michelle arranged everything within 4 weeks for him to go overseas. Michelle's opinion was like her father's years ago – for better education. Just so, nothing more.

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