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Michelle Ye's shopaholic photoshoot

Posted by MYR on January 26, 2009 at 10:04 AM

26 Jan 2009 - Michelle Ye's shopaholic photoshoot

Michelle Ye's shopaholic photoshoot

Source: Sina Entertainment

26th Jan 2009



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Johnny To's Hollywood production 'Vengeance' is currently being filmed rapidly, the film has gathered cast such as Michelle Ye, Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Johnny Hallyday, etc first rate actors, Michelle Ye, as the female lead becomes the highlight of the movie. The day before last, she was in Beijing for a photoshoot of a certain popular magazine (MYR tip: Trends Health, Feb 09 issue), she appears lankier and more beautiful in person, her alluring aura won praises from all crew at set.


On the day of the shoot, although Michelle was down with cold, but she wore a smile constantly and was warm towards everyone, and was very compatible towards the cameraman, Zhou Tao. They could get the right mood for the photos without having to reshoot a number of times. For the first pink suit of attire, Michelle appeared adorable and charming, although her hands were full of more than ten shopping bags which were merely photoshoot props, she appeared as a very convincing shopaholic. With glints of shopaholic craze from her eyes, as well as a very enjoyable shopping expression, Michelle Ye who debuts as an actress is definitely a professional in portraying the needed expressions.


The second silver suit was less playful, she appeared graceful and elegant. Matching her new makeover, she no longer skipped around like before, she instead portrayed a mature and feminine grace. Her thoughtful gaze and smooth complexion were a perfect combination before the camera, inner and outer beauty combining into one, this is the biggest appeal of this photoshoot.


Michelle Ye completed the photoshoot after experiencing being a 'shopaholic', in real life, she is in fact not one, she does not belong to the shopping type. A lot of female buy things according to looks, if its beautiful, they will buy it without thinking twice, but may regret it very soon after. Michelle Ye is quite the opposite, she does not bother much about how it looks but more to how useful the thing is, before she considers to buy it. Although she spends most of her time in Hong Kong, she is too busy filming to have much time for proper shopping.

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