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Michelle Ye ends small screen with grace; full concentration on big screen

Posted by MYR on December 8, 2008 at 11:18 AM

08 Dec 2008 - Michelle Ye ends small screen with grace; full concentration on big screen

Michelle Ye ends small screen with grace; full concentration on big screen


Source: Tom Entertainment

08th Dec 2008



'Lady Cop Papa Crook' casting Eason Chan, Michelle Ye, Sammi Cheng etc will soon be hitting the screens in new year, this movie becomes an important milestone for all the casts. Be is Eason Chan's first acting style makeover from his comical self to a solemn 'mafia boss', or Michelle Ye's first appearance as a pregnant 'wife of mafia boss' or Sammi Cheng's first work since her return to the industry as a police officer, all the casts are experiencing a lot of 'first time's and enhancing the movie along the way.


Movie industry new talent Michelle Ye who successfully progressed from small screens to big screens becomes among the most anticipated cast in 'LCPC'. Ever since signing with Hong Kong Media Asia, she has always been highly promoted by the company, filming in several good movie productions, successfully transforming from the TV series queen in the past into a skilled actress of both movies and series. Within the year, Michelle has filmed 'Sniper', 'LCPC', 'Assassins' etc, working endlessly with star directors such as Johnny To, Alan Mak, Felix Chong and Dante Lam, also working with skilled actors such as Huang Xiao Ming, Louis Koo and Eason Chan. Her roles vary from a gentle yet strong character to a cool yet passionate one, between the varieties of roles, she is able to grasp and portray the well, this is what Michelle has captured the audience hearts with as well as winning the support and recognition of directors.


Lots of fans are supporting Michelle Ye in her movie career, it definitely is not an easy job transforming from series to movies. At the same time, a lot are also missing her classic series such as 'Lost in the Chamber of Love', 'Liao Zhai 2', 'Central Affairs', 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma', etc. These series had achieved top ratings in the past, and now even when being re-aired they still become a hit, loved by audience of all ages. Fans while waiting for works from her movies are also anticipating her future series.

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