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Brilliant Michelle Ye shoots outdoor scenes animatedly - all rounded celebrity

Posted by MYR on December 2, 2008 at 3:02 PM

02 Dec 2008 - Brilliant Michelle Ye shoots outdoor scenes animatedly - all rounded celebrity

Brilliant Michelle Ye shoots outdoor scenes animatedly - all rounded celebrity


Source: Tom Entertainment

2nd Dec 2008



Young celebrity Michelle Ye, once a student of State's prestigious college, is not merely successful in her acting career, she is also always seen at several popular and charity events. The day before last, Michelle accepted invitation from Hunan TV's popular show 'Yong Wang Zhi Qian', and was at Guangzhou Chime Long Entertainment Park for an outdoor shooting session. Michelle who had the experience of outdoor hosting in Athens Olympics 2004, as well as rich with grand events hosting experience is indeed very familiar with hosting. Her vivacious personality becomes the biggest appeal for the shooting of 'Yong Wang Zhi Qian'


During the shooting, Michelle was dressed in simple, casual sports attire and was having lots of fun with hosts Xie Na, livening the atmosphere. Michelle Ye who is usually gentle and quiet was exceptionally bubbly in the show, accomplishing all the challenges and games with her partner. In an extreme height game, Xie Na and Michelle Ye were very compatible in accomplishing the game. During the period of shooting, Michelle Ye did not in any way demonstrated any 'big-shot' airs, she was always interacting with the hosts and other guests at the scene, even with the Korean group members, Michelle was also interacting with them in her fluent English, she is indeed an easy to approach girl next door.


The filming of this episode of 'Yong Wang Zhi Qian' was due to Michelle's propelling popularity of late, as well as the high viewing rates achievement of her works, becoming well loved by majority of audience. Be it the 'Eternal Happiness' that is recently re-aired in the day time slot, or the 'Central Affairs' aired in the night slot, they are all well received by audience. The two roles she played, Mang Lai Kuan and Season Sum are highly recognized by everyone. Hunan TV will be airing 'Central Affairs 2' which has long been anticipated by fans. At the end of December, 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' starring Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng and Michelle Ye will be released in Mainland. She will be attending several promotion events, and is also currently busy filming Johnny To's newest movie. Michelle Ye is indeed an all rounded celebrity with her schedule packed to no end.

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