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Hunan TV brings in ‘Central Affairs 2’; Focus on Michelle Ye, ten years in industry

Posted by MYR on November 11, 2008 at 10:15 AM

11 Nov 2008 - Hunan TV brings in ‘Central Affairs 2’; Focus on Michelle Ye, ten years in industry

Hunan TV brings in ‘Central Affairs 2’; Focus on Michelle Ye, ten years in industry

Source: Sohu Entertainment

11th November 2008


Hunan TV has always got popular response among audience for their great shows, in 2009, they will bring both local and overseas good shows.Among them is ‘Central Affairs 2’ led by Michelle Ye as well as a good line of other reputable casts, including Patrick Tse who is still impressive despite age.When ‘Central Affairs’ was first broadcasted on Hunan TV earlier on, it has achieved excellent viewing points, becoming a popular re-aired series, be it the day time slot or the evening time slot, it has never failed to achieve good viewing points, even beating those series aired during the ‘golden hour slot’.This is led people to expect ‘Central Affairs 2’ next year will achieve the same.


Similar to the first series, ‘Central Affairs 2’ is a production of the fame battle at Central, the strategies and tricks.The difference lies in the theme where the latter is based on business rather than insurance.It was proven to be like ‘War and Beauty’, ‘Central Affairs 2’ has plot that will easily win the curiosity of audience.


Michelle Ye who plays Season in the first series will play female lead, Kong Hoi Lan in ‘Central Affairs 2’.In comparison with the role in the first series, Hoi Lan is still the classic role model of ‘Hong Kong career woman’, but with additional plots and built of the character.Michelle Ye did an excellent job portraying a very convincing Hoi Lan.Coincidentally, next year will be the tenth year Michelle has entered the industry, where she has brought several classic series throughout the years.The series chose to be aired in the new year, Michelle Ye who is popular with Hunan TV audience will surely become the focus of audience once again. It was disclosed that Michelle Ye who was once studying in Wellesley College of the states, was invited by a renowned director to participate in a new movie due to her solid performance and English fluency, becoming the female lead in the latest western production of the director.



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