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'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens soon, Michelle Ye becomes Eason's 'spontaneous teacher'

Posted by MYR on September 2, 2008 at 10:16 AM

02 Sep 2008 - 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens soon, Michelle Ye becomes Eason's 'spontaneous teacher'

'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens soon, Michelle Ye becomes Eason's 'spontaneous teacher'


Source: Tom Entertainment

2nd Sep 08

Hong Kong Media Asis's big production 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' will hit the screens in Onctober, the movie is a collaboration of Alan Mak and Felix Chong, using a whole new approach to relate a police story. Actress Michelle Ye and singer Eason Chan plays a loving couple in the movie. Eason Chan is the mafia boss who deals with illegal business while Michelle Ye is the woman behind him. As this is her first attempt playing a mafia boss' wife, Michelle's performance in this movie is much anticipated.


In 'LCPC', Eason Chan plays a reserved and capable man, more appealing in comparison to his past images, not only satisfying and pleasantly surprising the directors, even his 'wife' Michelle Ye was extremely amazed. However, Eason seemed unaccustomed to expressing his emotions through tears. Recalling a crying scene of his with Michelle, where they were comforting one another, Eason expressed guys do not cry easily, they can portray their grieves without crying, however the scene was one which required both of them to be crying tearfully. Therefore, Michelle who has had more experience with crying scenes becomes Eason's 'spontaneous teacher', sharing her experiences with him generously. This allowed Eason to quickly found the needed mood and accomplished his performance in the scene excellently causing Michelle to be very amazed.


Towards their initial collaboration in 'LCPC', both Michelle and Eason are happy about it. Both of them are very carefree, they're not merely compatible in their movie collaboration, they also help one another in different aspects of acting. In fact, both of them have collaborated in TV series 'Triumph in the Skies' where Michelle Ye played an outstanding female pilot, while Eason was a guest star, playing himself as a singer. However, they did not have any scenes together, and did not really got to know each other, and having this chance to work together, it is without doubt that both of them will pleasantly surprise the audiences with their performances.

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