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Michelle Ye late for 6 hours to shoot advertisement; Chemistry with Zhang Mo began from series

Posted by MYR on August 1, 2008 at 11:23 AM

01 Aug 2008 - Michelle Ye late for 6 hours to shoot advertisement; Chemistry with Zhang Mo began from series

Michelle Ye late for 6 hours to shoot advertisement; Chemistry with Zhang Mo began from series


Source: Noon Paper

1st Aug 08

Hong Kong female star Michelle Ye who has the title 'Rumor Queen' is rumored to be having an 'underground elder sister – younger brother relationship' with Zhang Guo Li's son, Zhang Mo. Michelle came over secretly to film for advertisement and does not accept any interviews. However, reporters got to know from the crew that this advertisement had Michelle travel from Hangzhou to Suzhou to Shanghai, but she had Zhang Mo's company all the while.


Crew had to wait for 6 hours


At 3pm yesterday, reporters came to the shooting set. Michelle was in a white dress posing to the camera. Her manager alerted upon noticing the presence of reporters and immediately hid Michelle back in the make-up room and the shooting did not resume until the reporters had left.

Reporters got to know from the crew at work that the shooting was actually suppose to begin at 6am, but Michelle only appeared at 12 noon, the reason was because she only got to sleep at 3am. "We arrived at5plus, and were all ready, but she instead said she needed rest and can't afford to have dark circles, otherwise she won't film, and she slept right up to 1pm before we began work. Everyone waited for her for a whole 6 hours." Towards this, the director expressed his understanding, "Actually Michelle is very nice, she does not have any airs at all, to be at her best condition for the shooting should be the basic requirement of every female star."


Michelle was mistaken to be Tong Yao


Michelle has always had the label of 'Rumor Queen', she has rumors with almost all her male leads. In the end of 2006, Michelle films a bitter series 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' with Zhang Mo who is two years younger than herself. No one ever thought that their chemistry would begin from the series. It was not until when a netizen exposed their intimate photos when they were on an outing at Hong Kong's Disneyland that their 'elder sister-younger brother' relationship was exposed.

In April this year, Zhang Mo was filming in Yunan when he was seen to enter a beauty salon with his ex-girlfriend Tong Yao, there were also reports that he reconciled with Tong Yao. Reporters got to know from an insider source that they discovered that the person mistaken to be Tong Yao was actually Michelle Ye. Michelle had just finished filming a movie in Hong Kong, and flew over to visit her lover immediately. This insider source also told reporters: "Both of them are together everyday when they have no work, their relationship is very good." As to why she only slept at 3am yesterday, causing the shooting to delay might most probably be because both of them have fun together till late at night.

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