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'World's Finest' airing in Shenzen; Michelle Ye a stunning character with lots of 'missions'

Posted by MYR on July 10, 2008 at 11:02 AM

10 Jul 2008 - 'World's Finest' airing in Shenzen; Michelle Ye a stunning character with lots of 'missions'

'World's Finest' airing in Shenzen; Michelle Ye a stunning character with lots of 'missions'\

10th July 2008

Bei Qing Net


Ancient time series 'World's Finest' casting Michelle Ye, Li Ya Peng, Wallace Huo and several other popular actors is currently aired on Shenzen channel every weekend. Although it is a re-air of the series, it still appeals to countless of audience. This series is a wuxia about political officers and romantic relationship, and has long been recognized by audience of three lands since its first airing. Michelle Ye's stunning dressing as a man inside the series was the highlight appeal for her fans.


In 'World's Finest', Michelle Ye plays a suffering role, Shang Guan Hai Tand, her love was not returned, and when she found her true love, she had to face with the torment of being separated by life and death, but for series queen Michelle Ye, this character was exceptionally fun to act. As the role dresses as a man 90% of the time, she needs to demonstrate her charismatic, determination, independence as well as gentleness, romantic and kindness. Such a charismatic as well as endearing Michelle, it is no wonder she is successful in making her audience await her before their television sets.


As a female role which dresses as man, the personality (of the role) definitely varies, therefore, Michelle Ye is claimed to be 'World's Finest' actor with most 'missions'. In the series, Shang Guan Hai Tang has an ever winding relationship with every male leads, Wallace Huo, Roger Kwok as well as her master, Michelle needs to be romantic, comedic, her range of performance was indeed very wide. While facing Roger Kwok, she needs to be comedic, yet when she turns around to face Wallace Huo, she needs to be in romantic tears, such a lively performance by Michelle Ye allowed the director to put his thumbs up for her.


Following the airing of 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma', 'Central Affairs', 'Liao Zhai 2' and several other series led by Michelle, she earned the love of audience. She too has the full support and promotion by Media Asia at such a young age, gradually emerging as the new talent of the movie industry. Michelle Ye who is busy filming 'Assassins' will be filming a new series after its release. It was revealed that it is a series with the theme of a university's student background, Michelle's new performance is fully anticipated.

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