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Michelle's stunning photos for 'Rui Li'

Posted by MYR on July 7, 2008 at 10:54 AM

07 Jul 2008 - Michelle's stunning photos for 'Rui Li'


Michelle's stunning photos for 'Rui Li'


Source: Tom Entertainment

7th July 2008


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Popular celebrity, Michelle Ye who is progressing in all areas of work is recently busy filming Johnny To's 'Assassins' in Hong Kong. Earlier on, in her efforts to help the victims of Sichuan earthquake, Michelle Ye and several other stars were present at 'One Foundation' charity race for fund raising, she also donated all her pay for the shooting of a cosmetic product to the victims in low profile, her efforts were very much supported by her fans. Recently, Michelle Ye's refreshing photos in popular magazine 'Rui Li' not only allowed her fans to be happy, she also shared her ups and downs since her debut in the industry.


Michelle Ye's variety of images in 'Rui Li' were very captivating, her attire was sponsored by internationally renowned top brand Moschino. During the shooting, she was constantly flashing her warm and friendly smile, allowing everyone at the shooting set to be full of admiration. In conjunction with the blossoming summer, she was matched with vivid attires of colors such as yellow, white and blue, allowing Michelle a very refreshing and adorable image, as well as youthful and lively. Although the shooting took a very long time, Michelle did not show her exhaustion one bit, and was seen to be earnest to enable perfect shooting, where she later continued to accept 'Rui Li's exclusive interview.


From TVB to Media Asia, Michelle Ye has always been earnest in putting her passion and efforts for her acting career. After the broadcast of 'Triumph in the Skies', 'Golden Faith', 'Eternal Happiness', 'Central Affairs' and several other series, she is beginning to be recognized by audience as the 'TV series Queen'. Following on her propelled popularity in the three lands, it allowed Michelle Ye to keep working with renowned Hong Kong directors such as Johnny To, Alan Mak, progressing towards the big screen, filming films such as 'Sniper', 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' and 'Assassins', a rare talent in the movie industry.


Aside from her hectic working schedule, Michelle is also passionate about working out to relax herself. In her view, working out is another means of allowing oneself to be happy, where no extreme sports is needed. 'Light exercise' is her ultimate principle, such as golf, cycling, yoga, they are all very 'relaxed' type, and matched with healthy diet, it allows one to be healthier. Viewing sports as a joy instead of burden, it is no wonder Michelle has such lanky figure. It is this healthy lifestyle, as well as positive attitude that allow Michelle to handle her challenging work.

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