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Zhang Mo exposed by netizen to be in hot relationship with Michelle Ye; Walking together in cartoon (accessories)

Posted by MYR on July 1, 2008 at 10:27 AM

01 Jul 2008 - Zhang Mo exposed by netizen to be in hot relationship with Michelle Ye; Walking together in cartoon (accessories)

Zhang Mo exposed by netizen to be in hot relationship with Michelle Ye; Walking together in cartoon (accessories)

Source: 67.com

1st July 2008


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Zhang Mo, Michelle Ye, one is the son of Zhang Guo Li, another is Hong Kong's big sister celebrity – they were recently exposed to be in hot relationship by netizen. They were caught to be in a sweet date, going to watch the musicals together at Disneyland, while watching the musical, they even got very intimate, oblivious to others around them, they seem to be sharing a really good relationship.

It seems that the elder woman and younger man relationship is very popular in the entertainment industry. Zhang Mo who is born in the year 1982 is two years younger than Michelle Ye. In the past reports of media, Zhang Mo and Michelle Ye have collaborated in 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' before. Besides that, there were also reports on their rumor. However, a few months earlier on, some netizen already disclosed to Mainland's media that both of them were seen together nearby Beijing, where they were seen to be very intimate like a couple. However, the netizen then did not take any photos, thus the verbal claim could not be verified, only allowing their relationship to sizzle into a puzzle. This afternoon, a netizen again revealed that when she went to Disneyland to watch musicals, she bumped into Zhang Mo and Michelle Ye coincidentally, both of them were getting intimate, oblivious of others around them, they seem to be in the steam of their relationship. The netizen took photos of both Zhang Mo and


Michelle Ye, this allowed their relationship to be exposed.


In the netizen's post exposing their relationship, it mentioned: "When watching Disneyland's musicals a few days ago, while waiting for it to start, (I) saw a very familiar guy, a Minnie's headband was hung around his neck! The guy had a mole on the right side of his face, when I took a glance, I was surprised to see it to be Zhang Guo Li's son! He was holding onto a fairly thin girl, when I took a closer look, it was in fact Michelle Ye! She looks much thinner in person and she did not have any make up on! Zhang Mo did not look much different than on TV, but he seems taller. When we entered the venue, they were seated just in front of me, once they were seated, Michelle began kissing Zhang Mo, not caring that most at Disneyland were kids. Both of them did not wear any shades, they were also not recognized by other crowds."


When reporter saw the netizen's photos, the gestures of the two persons in the photo seems more intimate than usual, their backs did not separate from the start of the musicals right up to the end. The reporter tried to get hold of Zhang Mo in person to verify the photos, but he never answered his phone, neither did he reply any SMSes.


Michelle Ye's relationship background:


Michelle Ye has the title of 'Rumor Queen' in the entertainment industry, her rumored boyfriends are inclusive of her old love, Benny Chan, Olympics champion Xiong Ni, host, Guk Dak Chiu, as well as hot dancing show with 'Shell King' Chan Kwok Kiong. Later, she got the recommendation of her 'God father' Zheng Yu Tong to join a banquet of the wealthy society, she not only made her Godfather happy, she also got the chance to know several wealthy and famous icons, allowing her to be outstanding in the wealthy society, it is rumored she has again got her new admiration of anew wealthy icon. Michelle remains silent of her rumors, only publishing an autobiography which clearly counts the number of her rumored boyfriends, while also expressing the battle of surviving in the entertainment industry relies on relations, definitely the more profound one in this area.


Zhang Mo's relationship background:


As compared to the matured Michelle, Zhang Mo's relationship background is much simpler. Zhang Mo was exposed to be an insolent boyfriend two years ago, beating his own girlfriend Tong Yao, later, there were on and off reports of them reuniting, yet he never had a new rumored girlfriend report.

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