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Michelle Ye as guest in 'Zui Jia Xian Chang'; Better kinship after disaster

Posted by MYR on June 11, 2008 at 10:08 AM

11 Jun 2008 - Michelle Ye as guest in 'Zui Jia Xian Chang'; Better kinship after disaster

Michelle Ye as guest in 'Zui Jia Xian Chang'; Better kinship after disaster

Source: Tom Entertainment

11th June 2008







After the popular broadcasts of 'Central Affairs', 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma', 'Liao Zhai 2', 'Lost in the Chambers of Love', etc. series, popular actress Michelle Ye is becoming more loved by audience. The day before, accepting an invitation from popular entertainment show 'Zui Jia Xian Chang', Michelle Ye utilized the short free period she had in between the filming of 'Assassin' movie to shoot the first episode of the program after the '5.12 Earthquake' in low profile. At the shooting set, Michelle Ye shared several refreshing stories, as well as behind the scenes highlights of several TV series.


Being deeply moved by the recent '5.12 earthquake', everyone at the shooting was not as animated as usual, but the shooting is extremely smooth, and is very informative. Michelle Ye also told all she knew without limitation, speaking confidently and casually while flashing warm smiles from time to time, allowing warmth into the atmosphere of the show. When speaking of the earthquake, Michelle expressed her grief while simultaneously portraying an even stronger side of her. She has faith that there is no obstacle too tough to overcome, everyone is doing their best possible to help the victims, the rebuilt of their homes is just a matter of time.


In fact, Michelle Ye who looks carefree has too experienced a lot of sufferings during her childhood. The deepest impact incident for her was the '911 terrorist' incident. According to her, although she wasn't in the States at the point of time, her father and her stepmother were all living at Manhattan, New York. Having experienced such a disaster personally, Michelle recalled her extreme anxiety of trying to contact her father ceaselessly, yet in vain, she has never had such realization of the value of kinship such as that moment. She finally heard her father's voice a few hours later, he was not harmed, everything was alright. Ever since, Michelle deeply experienced that though she spent more time away from her father since young, their kinship has always been treasured deep in her heart.


A lot of audiences at the scene were deeply moved by Michelle's experience, it seems that behind a star lies such unknown experiences, yet she is always positive and optimistic before audience. Being abandoned by both her parents since young, Michelle was not distressed by her broken family, she chose to be strong, and smiles to welcome her life. It is such spirit that results in her success today, although her work is tough, she never forgets to bring excellent works that wins praises from all.

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