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Michelle Ye appears at racing circuit, stunning & affectionate; Hundreds of fans pursuits after charity

Posted by MYR on May 28, 2008 at 11:51 AM

Michelle Ye appears at racing circuit, stunning & affectionate; Hundreds of fans pursuits after charity


Source: Tom Entertainment

28th May 2008, 1046 hours




Since May 12th earth quake, Jet Li's 'One Foundation' has always showing love to the victims. As of 12 noon on 20th May, 'One Foundation' has raised as much as 5.2 million Yuan, manpower involved are as high as 640 thousand. The day before, 'One Foundation' celebrity race was held at Shanghai, it got support from many celebrities, Jet Li, Michelle Ye, Bowie Lam, Sun Nan etc were all present at this charity event, to show their love for the '5.12 Earthquake'.


Jet Li's 'One Foundation' celebrity race started last weekend at 1000 hours until 1700 hours. All audience at the scene were just to donate 50 Yuan, and can get the entrance ticket free of charge to witness the celebrities' performance in racing while doing some charity. As there were several celebrities who volunteered for this charity event, it attracted a lot of fans.


Among them were Michelle Ye's fans (thereafter referred to as fans). When they got to know of 'One Foundation' charity race, they organized a 'Shanghai Trip' online, and got plenty of support. When Michelle Ye arrived at Shanghai airport on Satuday, hundred over fans of all locations nationwide were at the airport to meet her. Unlike the past, besides having banners, posters, flowers and presents to welcome their idol, they also held banners which stated 'Go China!'. Fans expressed it was fun to be able to come meet their idols at Shanghai, but it was also a chance where they finally get to do something practical for the victims.


At the race, just the look of Michelle's stunning outlook in the racing suit, her long hair rippling and her warm smile from time to time were enough to send the fans squealing. Michelle Ye's performance in the race was also exceptional, she steadily raced to the lead, her bold attempts far exceeding the danger level, fans just could not stop cheering on for her, while cheering for China as well, the scene was very moving. At the charity event that night, fans showed their support for their idol, as well as to China. Michelle Ye expressed her utmost gratitude towards the love her fans showered her with, she felt it was most meaningful to be able to do something together (with fans) for China.

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