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Fujian airs ‘Lost in the Chamber of Love’; Michelle Ye’s acting earns recognition

Posted by MYR on April 30, 2008 at 11:22 AM

30 Apr 2008 - Fujian airs ‘Lost in the Chamber of Love’; Michelle Ye’s acting earns recognition

Fujian airs ‘Lost in the Chamber of Love’; Michelle Ye’s acting earns recognition

Source: Teng Xun Entertainment

30th April 2008

Hong Kong’s most beautiful ancient lady Michelle Ye and Ron Ng’s romantic love in classic series ‘Lost in the Chamber of Love’ is currently being aired in Fujian’s DongNan channel, achieving high viewing points. After some editing of ‘Legend of West Chambers’, the series has received much support when it was aired. It is agreed that Michelle Ye’s gorgeous appearance as Cui Ung Ung became the biggest attraction for the series – her character is richer in gentleness and warmth as compared to her past roles.


Michelle Ye is has a natural aura of the ancient beauty, in ‘Lost in the Chamber of Love’, it was not merely her beautiful makeover that became mesmerizing but also her excellent acting which further enhances the love plot. In real life, Michelle Ye is also an elegantly gentle figure, her aura stands out from the crowd. Be it the understanding of a character’s personality or the plot of the script, Michelle Ye easily grasps them, she perfectly demonstrates the beauty of an ancient lady as well as the persistence in love with her deeply impressing performance. In the series, Cheung and Ung Ung’s love earned much support and Rong Ng and Michelle Ye became the new generation’s most popular onscreen ancient lovers.


Michelle Ye who grew up under the influence of education in the States, as well as her fluent English has no problem to perfectly portray the most classical ancient beauty and aura, impressing all audiences. In fact, Michelle Ye who was born in Hangzhou has learnt ancient dance when she was young, it has always been a piece of cake for her to pace and move with the aura of ancient people, she definitely deserves her award of ‘Most Classic Beauty’as well as her pageant title for Miss Chinese International.


Be it her real performance or on screen acting, audience continuously sees and recognizes Michelle Ye’s determination and professionalism in her career, it is no wonder she has the title ‘TV series Queen’, and has become the viewing points guarantor for countless of series.

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