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Michelle Ye, Fan Bing Bing's dazzling photos; Favored by international brands

Posted by MYR on April 9, 2008 at 11:09 AM

09 Apr 2008 - Michelle Ye, Fan Bing Bing's dazzling photos; Favored by international brands

Michelle Ye, Fan Bing Bing's dazzling photos; Favored by international brands

Source: Sohu Entertainment

9th April 2008




Italian top brand, Moschino, officiated their third branch in Mainland yesterday. Popular celebrities Michelle Ye, Fan Bing Bing, Deng Chao (played emperor in WF) were present together at the ribbon cutting ceremony. They also earned Moschino's International President, Mr. Farriti as well as Italian's China ambassador Meng Kai Di's support to join their Italian consulate banquet.


On the promotion day, Michelle Ye and Fan Bing Bing appeared in Moschino's yellow and peach evening gowns respectively, greatly radiating the brand's charming and endearing style for this season. Their grace and elegance instantly conquered the crowd present. Meanwhile, popular siu sang Deng Chao of both the big and small screens appeared in a dashing black suit. He immediately engaged in a conversation with both Michelle and Fan Bing Bing when he arrived, the three of them had actually long known each other from their collaboration in 'World's Finest' and 《在人间》. Moschino's international president, Mr. Farriti also specially flew to Mainland from Italy, and personally brought the three celebrities for a tour within the outlet, where they later officiated it together. There was a huge crowd with continuous flashes, even more fans were present for a rare chance to meet their idols.


Later at the Italian consulate banquet, Michelle chatted with the ambassador as well as the top managements of the brand company with her fluent English, amazing everyone at the scene tremendously. In fact, Michelle Ye came from the State's renowned female college, Wellesley, it was no wonder she was fluent in both Chinese and English. Michelle who has the title 'TV series queen' recently became the newfound talent of the movie industry, earning recognition from several renowned directors such as Johnny To, Alan Mak and Dante Lam, and has led in 'An Sha', 'Cha Ji Neui', several etc movies, successfully progressing towards the big screen, also allowing her to be favored by international brands, frequently appearing in fashion events. For example another international brand Dior too invited Michelle as their special guests, she appeared in the latest Dior female suit, attracting lots of attention from the crowd. Her western suit appearance has an aura of her own, as compared to this time's Moschino female gown, both have their outstanding points, yet are equally mesmerizing.

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