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Michelle present in sports attire; Filming over six months in 'Jian Dang Wei Ye' gains much more

Posted by MYR on October 15, 2010 at 9:54 AM

Michelle present in sports attire; Filming over six months in 'Jian Dang Wei Ye' gains much more


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15th Oct 2010


Italian renowned sports brand 'Sergio Tacchini' collaborated with 'Trends Health' to organize a celebrity sports event in Shanghai. Popular celebrities from all over the globe were present to participate, including HKFA winner Michelle Ye, popular idol Leon Jay Williams, Luo Dahua, Li Na, Wu Jianfei, David Wu, etc, while the most special guest must be tennis player Novak Djokovic who is in Shanghai for a tournament. However due to tournament timing, he is unable to make it but recorded a short video as support.


Celebrities present are dressed in all kinds of casual sportswear, demonstrating their other side of stage appeal. HKFA Best Supporting Actress winner Michelle Ye was also outstanding in her pink sportswear, in her mischief, she still appeared elegant, she also won a grand round of applause from the audience when she cat-walked the stage. The only regret must be when Novak Djokovic, spokesperson of Sergio Tacchini did not make it due to Shanghai tournament timing, but instead recorded a video of support for the event.


Winning HKFA gains popularity and pay


Michelle Ye who has just won the Best Supporting Actress award in HKFA revealed to reporters that she has just finished filming in the morning and rushed to Shanghai for the event, and that she is honored to be present. However, when asked if her popularity and pay rise significantly with her win in HKFA, Michelle Ye appeared a little embarrassed, "It's ok, just a little rise, everyone is giving me a lot of chances." She is recently filming a Hong Kong production 'Chu Gui De Nu Ren', her collaboration partners include Chapman To as well as William Chan who was recently exposed to be in a relationship with Charlene Choi.

Quite a pressure to film 'Jian Dang Wei Ye'


In 'Jian Dang Wei Ye' Michelle Ye plays a Li Lizhuang, revolutionary member, also wife of Chen Songbo, this is quite a challenge for Michelle Ye who has all along been acting in Hong Kong productions. Michelle Ye expressed that although she has acted in revolutionary theme productions before, she feels quite a pressure to play such an iconic female revolution member in such an elite production like 'Jian Dang Wei Ye' with such reputable casts. She expressed: "Before entering the crew, in order to better portray this role, I did quite an extensive research on this role, Li Lizhuang. Only then did I realize that the Chinese Communist is based in Shanghai, and that Li Lizhuang is the person who founded the site. In the midst of preparation, it has allowed me to know and understand more about history, I've already filmed with the crew for over six months, I should be able to complete all my scenes by December." Michelle Ye is extremely honored to be able to participate in the filming of such a mega production and her biggest gain is to be able to work with highly reputable actors such as Liu Ye and Li Chenyan.


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