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Dream comes true, not afraid of mushiness, Michelle says 'I love you' for the first time

Posted by MYR on October 5, 2007 at 10:18 AM

05 Oct 2007 - Dream comes true, not afraid of mushiness, Michelle says 'I love you' for the first time

Dream comes true, not afraid of mushiness, Michelle says 'I love you' for the first time

Source: Sing Tou

5th Oct 2007

Without realizing it, Michelle has already left TVB for two years, it is also the happiest time of her life.

She has an average of 9 hours sleep everyday, she films half of her time in a year, and the rest she spends them doing things she wished.


Happiness (found) is because she has finally found the ideal lifestyle she wants, it has no connection with money or benefits.


Michelle Ye, raised by her grandfather who is a professor, has come in face with ceaseless literature, thus she is very familiar with the meaning behind the phrases (two proverbs which I'm not familiar with :P). 「輕舟已過萬重山」、「兩岸猿聲啼不絕」的意境非常響往,長大後就努力實踐詩人筆下的景點。


"I participated in the pageant because I get to go to Jia Lin to film outdoor scenes. People say Jia Lin's scenery is breathtaking. The saying 'Instead of reading ten thousand scrolls of books, why not walk a thousand mile of road' (meaning: instead of reading all about it, why not personally experience it) is applicable here."


Thus Michelle has several (mountain) hiking companions, these friends are mostly not in the industry, they befriend the moment they pick up their backpacks and hike.


"I have already started this habit since I was in TVB, we set off at 7 in the morning, and sometimes we go for days. I will hike up at least a mountain every year, if possible, two, thus I have hiked most of the mountains in Mainland – Huangshan, Huashan, Jiuhuashan, Sichuan's Qingchengshan and my next target is Yulongxueshan.


Now, Michelle will be bringing her over 80 years old grandfather and grandmother to Wuhan to be welcomed by her father. The reunion of this family which broke all over the globe is planned by Michelle alone, and is also the first complete reunion of the Yip family.


"Grandpa is a university professor, he taught me to read and learn new words, our relationship has always been good. My grandmother is the daughter of a prominent family, her handiwork is superb, even my pillowcase is made by her, that pair of crab is so hard to stitch, but her needlework is very good, the paper kites and scented bags (heong nong) she makes are also very beautiful,maybe because of that, I am like her as well, thus I like gardening, I love the nature."


That day she called her father, advising him to spend more time with the two elderly, thus the first family vacation in the past 20 years.


Father and daughter talk


"The 4 of us have never lived together before, so it feels very exciting and very refreshing, it is like my dream come true. While we still have the time and energy, we need to appreciate the fact that our kin are still here (alive). That was the day I first told my father "I love you!" it feels quite mushy! Because we (father and daughter) have never lived together, the time we spend talking together (in the past) does not amount to one day even."


"Later he came just to chat with me for an entire day. He even said fortunately he dumped me and did not bother about me in the past, otherwise I won't be as independent and strong today."


Earlier on, Michelle had some friends who were emotionally unstable and became very vulnerable. She of course could not just stand by and watch, thus she became their psychology counselor.


"After that, I analyzed the reason, it was because they were too well taken care of (by families) thus they do not know how to handle obstacles when they come. Dad says he didn't care for me in the past because he wanted to train up a strong daughter. Anyway, I think he is right, although the method is quite irresponsible, perhaps he knows his daughter is just like him, he knows his daughter won't become bad or take the wrong path, my adapting ability and EQ is not too bad!"


When Michelle was praised to have high EQ, being able to accept negative burden and change it to positive motivation, she instead replied: "I have not changed since the beginning, it's just that people by me have never seen the real me, they only see a certain part, since I am very tolerant and patient, thus most things does not matter much! Others may think I my (lower) limit is too low, but sometimes human should not be too demanding towards the world. To me, besides death, I don't quite fear other things!"


Feeling very happy

Michelle's such thinking of herself, it is unsure if it is because of her over self-confidence or over self-doubting. "Maybe it's because I've never treated myself as a big deal, as long as you don't think too importantly of yourself, however difficult a matter is does not seem to be a big deal! It seems that I should really thank my father for not spoiling me, we should see more of the world when we're still young, the happiness of mountain hiking is when you've reached the peak, the cheery feeling you feel is definitely blissful!"



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