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Michelle Ye calmly treats rumors as 'part of the work'

Posted by MYR on September 19, 2007 at 10:29 AM

19 Sep 2007 - Michelle Ye calmly treats rumors as 'part of the work'

Michelle Ye calmly treats rumors as 'part of the work'


Ming Pao

19th Sep 2007


'News Queen' Michelle Ye recently works for i-cable, filming a 60 episode series 'Tutor Queen'. However, Michelle who is tangled in rumors is said to be boycotted by other casts, and even wanted her male assistant to help her change shoes before others, her image can be said to be a wreck. However, Michelle who is used to obstacles does not take this matter seriously and easily accepts all. Michelle frankly said: "I am used to have rumors every time I film, they are countless, I only need to treat it as part of my work!"


Michelle has been to all the three local TV stations, TVB, ATV and i-cable, but her rumors continue trailing. The most classic one was when she was in TVB, the live broadcast of her squabble with Alex Fong in Athens Olympics. She was later exposed to have rumors with Shell King Chan Kwok Kiong. Michelle who is filming 'Tutor Queen' is said to be alone for being snobbish. Towards her rumors as thick as the telephone directory (haha, I personally think it's far thicker!), she still calmly replies: "I seldom read these reports, I am used to having rumors when I film, it has happened countless times, I just treat them as part of my work!" Do you feel misunderstood? "They may be reporters' made up stories, this time when filming 'Tutor', they say I'm a loner. Frankly, Ellen has treated me to her soups, Spencer has treated me to drinks, we do go out for fun when free, our relationship is good. No one thinks I'm cool, maybe there's no topic to write, they just cook something up."


Good relationship with 'Tutor' casts

Michelle has had a period where she did not appear in Hong Kong. She seemed to intentionally want to clean her past, allowing audience to forget her news. Michelle disagrees to this. She explained that since entering the industry, she has been to Mainland to film, it has never changed, and it is not intentional. She also wants to thank TVB for giving her several opportunities to film in Mainland. When discussed of her entering the industry with TVB and this not being her first time opposing her 'root home' by filming for others, Michelle said: "I film movies besides filming series these days, I no longer know who is against who, as long as there is a good script and production, I will accept it. I am only responsible towards my role. It doesn't mater who I am helping (working for), as long as the character is good, ATV, TVB or i-cable is of no difference." Michelle claims that the role in 'Tutor Queen' is very challenging, it is a career she has never come in face with. The only time was when she helped tutoring classmates with poorer results as requested by her school. Michelle also said: "This series is the first of its kind, it is very refreshing, the role is very entertaining, hopefully the audience will like it."


Not thinking of hosting Olympics anymore

Discussing of the upcoming Olympics next year, it somehow reminds people of her 'squabble' with Alex Fong. Asked if she has ever thought of becoming an Olympics host, Michelle replied: "This is a very challenging job, a suffering yet happy job, but I don't feel like doing it the second time, one try is enough. I still want filming to be my main career, I like acting more." Ever thought of getting any awards? "Never thought of it, recognition does not depend on awards, trophies are nothing compared to audience' response, with or without (an award) is good with me!"


Reporter:Leung Weng Tat

Photographer:Lau Yat Lap

Venue:Cafe des Artistes

Hair do:Patrick So

Attire:BCBG Maxazria



Pic: Michelle Ye has been to the three local TV station, but her rumors continue to trail along



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