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i-cable shoots series, good or bad?

Posted by MYR on September 10, 2007 at 7:06 AM

10 Sep 2007 - i-cable shoots series, good or bad?

Small productions win over long series, 'Father and Sons' finds survival route

Source: Sing Tao Daily

10th Sep 2007

2006, TVB focuses on small productions, a successful example would be 'La Femme Desperado' which came top for the year's highest viewing point series.


Then should 2007 be about long series? 'Heart of Greet' ended with turbulence such that the media ceaselessly reports on it day after day. It was even honored the first place in the 'Statistical Appreciation Survey'.


The 60 episode series, 'The Drive of Life' have an even wilder aim with 14 hundred million audiences, who can beat that? But it is a pity that there were too many subplots, causing a chaos, the series have barely deepen yet they have started on another subplot. However their casts are strong enough, audience gradually grows with it. The villains gradually take their shapes, it is expected that the ending will have a rise in viewing points.


With one long series after another, will small productions be ignored? 'Father and Sons' silently created a miracle – with the possibility of it being in the top three in terms of viewing points. If the ending has even stronger viewing points, it may even surpass 'Heart of Greet', and will become the double hero with another small production 'The Family Link'.


So, 2007 is another year of small productions!


Besides having the gossips of Yoyo Mung mistreating little Jacky, 'Father' series has very little news, Bobby Au and Wong Hei are two individuals clean of rumors, both of them only have fate with audiences.


There are silent supports, the market (audiences) seems quiet, with not much of discussion, it is in fact silently peaking, especially the part where Zau Cung and Bobby admitted recognition for one another, when Zau Cung died thinking he has no child to see him go, the lead came just in time, the two reputable actors were not any weaker than Dai Kai and Sai Bao! After Zau Cung's death, the last week of series must continue to be strong, the villain continues to be evil without being too exaggerated, the battle for properties element is back again. The viewing points steadily rose, 31, 30, 33, 32, four weeks in a row, with the viewing points above 30, what an achievement!


'The Family Link' and 'Heart of Greed' both had female as their captain, it was unexpected that 'Father and Sons' could depend on old, middle age and youthful males to defend, the old Zau Cung as well as the young Jacky both have their fans, instead the female seemed to be ignored. Yoyo Mung works hard to change her pronunciation, her sharp voice which caused wrong pronunciation has improved, but her cold face seemed to lack intimacy, she still lacks the condition audience require to emerge with top. Tavia Yeung in instead full of life, she is comparable to and compatible with other seniors. Her features, body and acting are all OK, what does she lack of? Only luck! 'On the First Beat', 'Heart of Greed' as well as 'Father and Son' all have high viewing points, she has participated in all, but the credit is never hers. She gradually shakes loose the youthful girl image, filming endlessly, her exposure is too intense, and thus audiences easily get bored. Tavia should learn to reject scripts and choose scripts with better chances to outshine for a brighter future, she needs the audiences recognition for herself before she can stand with others at the top.


Should i-cable shoot series?i-cable shoots series, good or bad?




When the series gave way, with variety shows continuing to outshine, Spencer Leung still remains the best host. However, he suddenly walked back and became a black rimmed spectacle silly fellow, being a tutor who is outdated, is this a good thing?


Of course, the selling point of 'Tutor Queen' is not Spencer Leung. This Tutor Queen, will it be Michelle Ye or Candice Yu? The first is accustomed to be the lead, while the latter is very refreshing, but in accordance to their screening time, it still seems that the first has become the first female lead. Michelle Ye has always had many rumors, but this does not mean that her acting is not there, her emotional expressions are up to par, only her voice is a little low, lacking the liveliness. This time she is needed to be beautiful and glamorous, it definitely suits her original person. The most useful talent needed must be her fluent English, to be able to rattle off a segment of Le Petite Prince (Siu Wong Zi) in English, it is definitely impressive! It is definitely much more pleasant than a certain new actor in 'Father and Sons' who tries to speak his stiff English every now and then! However, being a half an hour per episode series it is not easy to be interesting and addictive. Even with rich experience, TVB too has had failures. Producers of 'Tutor Queen' have put in many efforts, their unique filming style and their not too realistic script, with a little incredulous elements as well as sarcastic humor, will the audience be able to accept this?

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