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Drunken Roy Cheung tangles with Michelle Ye

Posted by MYR on September 9, 2007 at 10:54 AM

09 Sep 2007 - Drunken Roy Cheung tangles with Michelle Ye

Drunken Roy Cheung tangles with Michelle Ye

Source: Ta Kung Pao

9th Sep 2007

Michelle Ye and Roy Cheung is a pair of lovers in i-cable's first series, 'Tutor Queen', they respectively plays tutor queen and tutor king, from whichever aspect this collaboration is looked at, it does stirs some doubt: Will Roy who has always played villain and the beautiful Michelle Ye even look like teachers? To this, Roy laughed, saying, the 'villain' in our hearts is actually we ourselves. The era is different, thus the perception towards teachers has also varied; Michelle said, she has asked for some advice from three tutors whom she personally knew, and discovered that the production of 'Tutor Queen' is quite convincing.


In 'Tutor Queen', Michelle playes 'Suki Chan' while Roy plays 'Water Lam, both of them are highly paid tutor queen and tutor king of Eric Kot's tuition centre. Both of them were lovers when they were studying in Australia, but Roy lost his memory after an accident, and they both became strangers. The lost-memory Roy becomes a flirt who pursues any passing gorgeous girls, while Michelle is a faithful girl, and refuses to acknowledge her ex-lover seeing his changed attitude.


Michelle said: "I can't bear his mischievous and immature personality, because on the surface I am a very independent career woman, but on the inner, I am actually a weak woman who yearns for love and thinks that love should be for a lifetime, won't change target after having one, thus after beating about the bush, we finally still got together." Roy explained: "I'm actually a mischievous 'big child' in this series, I can never make decision in my relationships, when Suki saw me loved pursuing girls, she was mad at me."


Rou Cheung turns over a new leaf, becomes a teacher

The entire series reflects the competition and struggles within a tuition centre. The problem for Roy Cheung who is a first timer in series was that the most impressive characters in movies he has made to audience are mostly villains, and now he 'turns over a new leaf', taking up text books together with Michelle Ye to become tutors, one is so warrior-like, while another is so celebrity-like, can their image be convincing?


When reporters voiced their doubts, Roy laughed listening to them, giving reporters a very 'sly' answer. "When I accepted this series, I too had this question mark, later I felt that the outer appearance may not equate to the inner heart, the 'villain' in the heart is actually ourselves, it is your perception that is influencing you, actually the era is now different, when we see tuition advertisements we too felt surprise, is this actually a tutor? In the past, tutors gives us a very stable feeling, but this kind feeling has long gone, the tutors nowadays are like celebrities, instead actors are no longer like celebrities, becomes like commoners." After accepting this series, he becomes extra attentive towards news in the tuition industry, he feels that tuition teachers who are like celebrities and having their own fans is a very natural thing, because students would loves to watch someone they're comfortable with when they're in class, just as how he would love beautiful 'Miss' when he was still a student.


Michelle Ye teaches English


Michelle who grows up in the States plays an English teacher thus it is no challenge at all for her to teach English in the series. She smiled, saying she often saw beautiful tutor queens on busses, in addition to the many true stories of tuition industry in the series, the entire production is very convincing. "I personally know two true tutor queens and a tutor king. Before filming, I asked for their opinions, and also personally went to watch them teach and discovered that the reality is really so. They're totally two different persons during working hours and after working hours. They also dress up very differently, perhaps they will wear western suit when working, but after work they will change into mini skirts when going to bar, just like how it is in the bar in our series. We didn't exaggerate too much, tutor queens and kings who drive Ferrari, wear branded attires and drink expensive red wine really do exist."


In the recent years, Hong Kong's tuition industry is rising, a lot of tuition centre are coming up. 'Tutor Queen' is also produced due to this condition, towards the tuition matter, these two 'teachers' are very open minded. Michelle said when she was young in Mainland, she attended a class called 'upgrading class', it was not tuition for poor studies but was to upgrade due to excellent results. "After filming this series, I got to know most Hong Kong students need tuition, tuition has become a habit, does this indicate that Hong Kong education has some flaws? It is not that I discourage tuition, but I feel that if there is no problem with education, isn't normal schooling enough? If I have children in future, I will decide whether or not they are to attend tuition according to their academic results." Roy however encourage children to go for tuition, he feels that this can at least avoid them loitering on the streets.


Most loved just by their side


The relationship Michelle and Roy shares is in fact a 'misplaced' love. The two has ever broke up and made up before realizing their love has always in the heart of another. Both of them will have an intimate scene in the series, this is in fact their first time collaborating, and they even had to be 'intimate' on their first day of work. Roy Cheung who has rich experience from filming movies instead claimed this scene to be of a challenge to him. "I seldom film intimate scenes, I also worry my image might scare the other party away, thus I had some pressure. We had to film that scene on our first day of work, we were still not familiar with one another yet, luckily she didn't reject me, plus we had twenty minutes of filming in the water beforehand, it was like a warm up." She smilingly said, actually the director gave him some beer to drink that day, he only started filming when he was drunk.


Michelle felt that the male party will definitely have more challenge for this kind of scene, if the female party is very stiff and restrains, he will be helpless, thus we need to have courage and be more relax, it will be easier for us to communicate then. "That scene is a memory, thus it is the innocence and romantic of ten year olds, the kiss is also just a mere peck, Roy is very professional, the resulting scene is very adorable. Actually I've filmed many film where I need to film the kissing scene with the male lead on the first day, thus I'm quite well prepared this time. I feel that this is in fact a good thing, we've overcome the hardest challenge in the beginning, built our trust. If we can handle challenging scenes well, other scenes will be easier to handle."


Although 'Tutor Queen' has many actors, both of them felt their characters are very realistic and has their respective opportunities to shine, Roy Cheung has in fact become addicted to filming series. "Movies have always have trouble depicting out a character in detail due to time constraint, but series will allow us to slowly film from zero to ten, I feel that it is very fun. I don't mean to change my profession by filming this series, I just want more chances, and allow myself more training, and I finally know that I too can film series." Michelle said, tutor queen is a role she has never played before, plus the script and communication between casts are excellent, she can't think of any reason to not film this series. "As an actress, it is of course best to have more room for advancement, thus I will try out every kind of roles, hoping to brush up my acting, to walk down a brighter path, to accept more variety of roles."



Pic: Roy (left) and Michelle plays a couple in the series.




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