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Michelle Ye injures forehead, hospitalized

Posted by MYR on September 4, 2007 at 7:49 AM

04 Sep 2007 - Michelle Ye injures forehead, hospitalized

Collapsing lamp causes injury during filming

Michelle Ye injures forehead, hospitalized

Source: Sun Paper

4th Sep 2007


The night before last when Michelle Ye was filming for a scene in 'Tutor Queen', she was knocked down by a collapsing lighting post, her forehead immediately swelled up, and was dizzy after the incident, the crew was afraid she might have internal injury and immediately sent her to hospital.

According to 'Tutor' producer, Michelle was indeed injured in an accident during the filming the night before, she was knocked down on the forehead by a lighting post, it was fortunate there was no bleeding, but it swelled up and Michelle was faint. In order to be safe they sent her to hospital for checkup and X-Ray, she was then required to be hospitalized for further observation. It was only until yesterday when her conditions was stable and was allowed to return home. Reporters directly called Michelle's assistant, but had not got any respond when this article is published. However it was guessed that the assistant was not to spread this news in case others blame Michelle causing injury for promotion.


Having previous records of injury


Michelle Ye is often injured while filming, each and every time really injured to the limit, she will only stop filming when she bleeds. However, her misfortunate in in fact often blamed to be tactics for promotions. In 2004, Michelle's eyes bled and the after-effect was her eyes kept watering when she filmed a smoking scene for 'The Herbalist Manual'. Last year while filming for 'Central Affairs II' for ATV, she accidentally stabbed a real sword into her thigh, causing gushing of blood, leaving her an inch long scar. After the incident, she continued working with help of crutches and wheelchair.

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