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Kuan Jun Fei, Michael Chin heavily promoted for brilliant performance

Posted by MYR on September 2, 2007 at 10:20 AM

02 Sep 2007 - Kuan Jun Fei, Michael Chin heavily promoted for brilliant performance

Kuan Jun Fei, Michael Chin heavily promoted for brilliant performance

2nd Sep 2007

Source: China Press


Malaysia's first Chinese action film 'Kinta 1881' has finished filming. It was reported that the original male lead, Ho Ro Bin was reduced the original allocated screen time due to his lack of emotions when speaking his dialogue.


'Gan Da 1881' is led by 5 local martial arts newcomer, inclusive two times World's Championships champion Ho Ro Bin, six times national champion Shawn Lee (Lei Siu Kit), the winner of 6 gold medals and a silver medal at 2004 World Martial Art Festival Michael Chin (Chan Yat Hou), as well as gold medalist of World Tai Chi Championships, David Bao (Bou Ngan Wang).


From the first time of announcement of the movie's filming and promotions, the crew has always prioritized Ho Ro Bin, obviously he was the main lead in the entire movie. However, someone revealed to the reporters that as Ho Ro Bin did not have any emotions when speaking dialogues, it caused the director to edit the script, and instead supported another two refined youngsters, Michael Chin and Kuan Jun Fei. Recently, the official website of 'Kinta 1881' promotes mostly the two mentioned photos.


A staff behind screen told reporters, "Initially Ho Ro Bin has more screen time, as a newcomer, his acting is okay, but it is terrible once he speaks, something just feels weird when he speaks, it is totally void of emotions. In the beginning the director has lots of patience, but after several tries, at last the director did not have any other choice but to edit the script, changing it so that he becomes a dumb person after being attacked by gangsters!


Denies deleting Ho Ro Bin's scenes


Instead, the performance of Michael Chin and Kuan Jun Fai was excellent, and maybe because the director felt that these two have more talents, thus added relationship storyline for them.


Reporters asked for confirmation from Director Hor, and he denied deleting Ho Ro Bin's scenes, but admitted that Michael Chin and Kuan Jun Fei have additional relationship scenes. "Actually I've added inner emotions scenes for all the five of them, all of them are brilliant, especially Chin and Kuan who are very absorbed into their characters, I really admire these batch of newcomers, they put their efforts personally into everything, and are not afraid to suffer. If I were to support, I will support all five together, because they are all already the company's artists."


Collaborating with Hong Kong stars to film police-villain film


Michael Chin and Kuan Jun Fai who are given high expectations has already gotten Hor Chee Liong's appointment to film with Hong Kong's reputable actors such as Eddie Cheung, Sam Lee, Michelle Ye and etc in October in a police-villain film.


"I can't reveal too much, what I can say is both of them will act as police, as for Ho Ro Bin and Shawn Lee and the rest, they will also have a role, because there will be a lot of roles, like villains, etc. Chin and Kuan are younger that the other three (they're both only 22), so they have more room of choice in terms of roles."


Martial arts director, Chin Ka Lok appreciates Chin and Kuan a lot, and strongly recommends both of them to join the cast of Eric Tsang invested, Chin directed new movie, which is expected to start filming next year.


Hor Chee Liong told the reporters that due to changes made to the script of 'Kinta', they've added a scene taking place in Penang, causing the production cost to increase a lot by approximately RM10K.


It was also reported that Hor Chee Liong has already planned to continue filming the prequel next

year, while in October, besides the collaboration with Hong Kong in a new film, he will also be directing a new idol drama, and it was said that Lin Yu Zhong will be the main lead. In December they will be filming a horror film, and similarly will be casting the five newcomers.

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