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Sun Fei Fei denies not getting along with Michelle Ye, acting with Zhang Mo is like dueling

Posted by MYR on August 22, 2007 at 9:27 AM

22 Aug 2007 - Sun Fei Fei denies not getting along with Michelle Ye, acting with Zhang Mo is like dueling

Sun Fei Fei denies not getting along with Michelle Ye, acting with Zhang Mo is like dueling

22 Aug 2007

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28 episodes drama series 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' will soon be aired by East Movie channel starting from the 25th during the golden hours slot - three episodes in a go. On the 21st, in the absence of main lead Zhang mo and Michelle Ye, Sun Fei Fei and Zhao Ye were present at Shanghai for the promotion of the initial broadcast. This time, East Movie channel won the rights to be the first to air this series nationwide.


Q: You play a bad person in 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma', did you only realize this after getting the script or have you been wanting to act this role?

A: This role was given to me when I got the script.I have collaborated with the director a few times before, but it was brief, the director has somewhat understood me more, thus he asked me to act this role. Many people strongly doubted this role as I have always portrayed a kind role before this. But the director is confident with me, he feels that there is something in me, maybe it was also because I liked this role too. At that time, I too received quite a few other scripts, others were all good-girl roles, but I instead fell for this bad-guy role. To me, a bad-guy role is a challenge, I have acted too many good roles, I feel that is is very suppressing to act as a good person while it is very satisfying to act as a bad guy, I can do whatever I want.


Q: After acting as a bad person, will you worry that the audience will later change their perception towards you?

A: I too have had this consideration before. But after I've acted it, the director told me, I am exactly the series' Yuan Yue. Then I worry, will I keep acting bad roles from now on? On the other hand, it also proves that I act it well. This world has many dilemmas.


Q: Did you have a good collaboration with Michelle Ye who acted your sister in the series?

A: Yes, I feel that our collaboration is very happy. Before this, I ever saw news saying that both of us don't get along, it is really contradicting. I've never felt so, both of us have never had any misunderstanding, etc, and our collaboration was really smooth, when acting together, we communicate before hand. Thus I feel that these (news of not getting along) are merely guesses of the outer world, or perhaps made up stories, but this is something I can't control.


Q: You've also collaborated with Zhang Mo in the series, what is your opinion of him?

A: Both of us have known each other since quite some time ago, we're quite close. Zhang Mo is someone who is quite decisive, but we've not met fro quite some time. I feel that he has improved a lot, in comparison to the Zhang Mo I saw last time, he much more stable now. He seems to be more impulsive last time, now he is calmer. My scenes with him is like dueling, we tend to excite one another.


(As the below parts are irrelevant to Michelle and that I'm running out of time, I will only translate them when I get back from my traveling.)












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