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Edison Chen to be 'successor' of Huang Xiao Ming, Richie Ren, does not wish to compete with others

Posted by MYR on August 13, 2007 at 9:05 AM

13 Aug 2007 - Edison Chen to be ‘successor’ of Huang Xiao Ming, Richie Ren, does not wish to compete with others


Source: Xin Jing Paper

13 August 2007



Edison Chen to be ‘successor’ of Huang Xiao Ming, Richie Ren, does not wish to compete with others



Director Dante Lam whose film ‘Beast Cops’ was honored the best movie award at HK GoldenFilm Awards will be working on a new film ‘ Shan Cheung Sau’ (literally translated as ‘Expert Marksman’;) held an officiating ceremony at Hong Kong yesterday.The three main leads Huang Xiao Ming, Edison Chen and Richie Ren all had their sunglasses on and had their firearms propped against their shoulder in their suit of soldier attire.They all faced the cameras for photo shoots with a very cool image.However, director Dante Lam reveals to the reporters that this is a film similar ‘Beast Cops’ genre, therefore they definitely won’t be able to act cool before the camera (for shooting).


Huang Xiao Ming, Richie Ren has ‘misunderstanding’



Action film ‘San Cheung Sau’ tales about three expert marksmen from Hong Kong.Huang Xiao Ming plays a marksman who has some misunderstanding with Richie Ren in the past, while Edison Chen becomes both their potential successor target.All three of them have different personalities in the film: Huang Xiao Ming resents mundane affairs, Edison Chen has an elegant nature while Richie Ren is contradicting and keeps to himself. Meanwhile, the female casts has been confirmed to be Michelle

Ye and two other newcomers.



On the other hand, Hong Kong TVB siu sang, Bowie Lam was also present at the conference yesterday to be a guest star as one of the police officer.Although this will be his first movie in this decade, the director was merciless enough to allow him to die in a battle in the early parts of the movie.



Huang Xiao Ming transforms into ‘modern time warrior’



Huang Xiao Ming revealed that he plays a police initially in the film, but later was the first marksman to leave the police force.This role was ever rumored to be either Daniel Wu’s or Louis Koo’s, but Director Dante Lam expressed that when he first wrote this script, he had already confirmed that he wanted Huang Xiao Ming to play it.“Besides revealing the truth in this film, I also thought of some ‘warrior’ feel, I’ve watched many of Huang Xiao Ming’s ancient film, he has the aura of a warrior, thus I’d very much like to see how he would be like as a modern time warrior.”



Edison Chen does not want to compete with others



Edison Chen has a handsome appearance, but in comparison with Shawn Yue who debuted together, lots of fans complains that he does not work on ‘serious matter’ enough,he has too little films.Towards this, Edison Chen who has always been known to carry himself at his own ease was unbothered: “Because I don’t wish to film to many action film, just like Invisible Target who came looking for me as well, but I had a movie on, plus I felt that there’s too many action movie, thus I rejected it.But others like you won’t know, as you will only watch the end result.Actually in these two years I have also filmed The Grudge 2 as well as , but because it was not aired in Mainland, thus my promotion chances are lower.”Edison also added: “I do not wish to compete with others, only wish to walk at my own pace, as long as I’m happy then it’s alright.”



Holding a gun to act cool



At the conference, the three handsome men were totally cool with their posts, sunglasses and soldier suit, resembling ‘Invisible Target’.Edison Chen who is already initially cool was even better looking with a gun, Richie Ren who has acted too much comedies claims it is one of his rare opportunity to look cool, while Huang Xiao Ming who has always taken great care of his image did not want to fall behind and made some cool actions wih his gun.However, the three handsome guys expressed, they can only act cool while accepting interviews, because during the actual filming, the director does not allow them any chance to act cool.In fact, they always had dust all over their face due to their fighting scenes.

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