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Eric Kot friendly, Michelle Ye overlooked

Posted by MYR on July 10, 2007 at 7:40 AM

10 Jul 2007 - Eric Kot friendly, Michelle Ye overlooked

No association during initial collaboration

Eric Kot friendly, Michelle Ye overlooked

10th July 2007

Sun Paper


Michelle Ye in a low chest cut dress, appeared in Central last night to film a scene in the i-cable comedy series, 'Tuition Queen' with Eric Kot, drawing a large crowd. The scene was about the tuition centre owner, Eric who has had a row with his wife in the series, Yu On-on, thus decided to set up another tuition centre of his on to compete with his wife. He also tried to get 'Tuition Queen' Michelle Ye to join his centre.


Both of them filmed on street for about an hour, until approximately 9pm, and the whole group of cast and crew relocated to Central's harbor to continue shooting. When Eric arrived at the scene, he was immediately surrounded by a few fans who requested to take photos with him, and he fulfilled all their requests, his attitude was friendly. Meanwhile, Michelle Ye who was overlooked promptly took her stand by the bridge for the shooting. During the filming, Michelle and Eric only had contacts when they had scenes together. When they needn't be at their position, Michelle will return to her manager's vehicle, and no conversation was seen between the two for the entire filming.




Photo: Eric and Michelle Ye have quite several scenes together, however, they do not have any association behind the camera.



Crowd overlooks Michelle filming at the street

10th July 2007

East Daily

The night before last, at approximate 8pm, Michelle Ye and Eric Kot appeared at central to shoot a scene of i-cable's comedy, 'Tuition Queen'. Michelle who was in a low chest cut dress filmed a scene with Eric Kot who was dressed in a gentlemanly manner, drawing quite a large crowd.


Besides filming scenes which had Eric and her together, Michelle Ye who was accused of her arrogance spent the rest of the time in her manager's vehicle. At approximately 9pm, the cast and crew relocated to Central's harbor for shooting. When Eric arrived, her was immediately surrounded and asked for photos. He was friendly and fulfilled all their requests. Meanwhile, the cool Michelle was overlooked and walked alone to the bridge, taking her position for filming.



Photo: Besides filming scenes together, Michelle Ye and Eric Kot did not have much interaction

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