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The appeal of i-cable's first TV series

Posted by MYR on June 2, 2007 at 8:52 AM

02 Jun 2007 - The appeal of i-cable's first TV series

Source: Ming Pao

The appeal of i-cable's first TV series

i-cable, the 10 dollar pay TV with their first TV series 'Tuition Queen' had a press conference recently to announce their line of casts, and verbally announced their war with TVB.  According to the current viewing rates, TVB achieved high viewing points with women series.  Is i-cable's 'Tuition Queen' able to attract TVB's audience?

i-cable's 'Tuition Queen' has quite several actresses, with Michelle Ye, Ellen Chen, Yu On-on, Monnie Dong, etc, the actors include Eric Kot and Spencer Leung.

Based on their line of casts, it is indeed quite a strong team, however without the housewives' idol, it doesn't seem to stand a high chance to beat TVB. 

In the past, ATV has successfully appealed to audiences, with storylines and themes diverse from TVB's, such as 'My Date with a Vampire', appealing to male and children audiences.  Even if TVB begin filming such a series, it is unable to regain their lost.  Wong Jing's Central Affairs, the theme was bold, not something TVB will film, because the same type of film airing on TVB won't be able to achieve high ratings, but is in fact more than enough for ATV rating.

From the information publicized, i-cable's 'Tuition Queen' has yet seem to have enough attacking points against TVB.

Disclosing the many behind scenes of the tuition world, can it really appeal to the interest of audience?  We are still unsure of the genre of the film, but we have witnessed a group of sexily dressed actresses at the press conference. 

From the line of casts, this will definitely not be a youthful series, but it will have tuition career as their background.

The female casts are stronger than the male casts, causing us to feel that this is a female series.  Furthermore the series title 'Tuition Queen' is more feminine.  However, the actresses participating seem to appeal to male audience more, because housewives usually don't favor sexy actresses.

This series of i-cable seems to not have a clear attraction point yet.

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