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Miss Chinese International has several future paths

Posted by MYR on June 2, 2007 at 10:49 AM

02 Jun 2007 - Miss Chinese International has several future paths

Sun Paper

Miss Chinese International has several future paths

Overseas expatriates usually have several diversion of career advancement when coming to Hong Kong.  It has been a norm for every season of Miss Chinese International pageant that be it their appearance or figure, all contestants have quite some quality.  Thus, it is no wonder the crowned winner will always be the wanted item of all companies.  In the recent years, Miss Chinese International pageants receive TVB's appreciation and are all recruited for their own use!

Christy Chung

Representing Montreal and winning the Miss Chinese International 93, she has since risen to popularity.  From 94 to 97, she signed contract and was then heavily promoted by Stephen Chow to film the movie 'Love on Delivery'.  As she has yet married and have any children to forbid career advancement, her sex appeal and revealing performance becomes the turbulence of her career. 

Michelle Ye

As Miss Chinese New York 99, she was heavily promoted by TVB and filmed numerous series.  When she filmed for ATV the year before last, she got to know several famous icons of the wealthy society, enjoying her blasting popularity.

Melissa Ng

Participating Miss Chinese International 96 with her Miss San Francisco title, she came up as a runner up and signed contract with TVB.  Although she has no several leading roles, she who stayed to progress in Hong Kong married her wealthy boyfriend and recently admitted to being pregnant.

Bernice Liu

Representing Vancouver and emerging champion in 2001, she knew no Chinese at all initially.  Now however she becomes one of the heavily promoted fa dan of TVB, becoming the leading lady in most of the series she act in.

Linda Chung

The champion of Miss Chinese International 2004, her obedient image is very much appreciated by the executives of TVB.  Ever since entering the industry, her films are continuously one after another, her recent popular work is 'Heart of Greed'.


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