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Storyline a mess; The Closet starring Francis Ng a disappointment

Posted by MYR on May 11, 2007 at 9:13 AM

11 May 2007 - Storyline a mess; The Closet starring Francis Ng a disappointment

11th May 2007

Storyline a mess; The Closet starring Francis Ng a disappointment

The Closet thriller starring Francis Ng will soon be aired.  The movie tales about a magician Lo Fei (Francis Ng) who got injured in one of his extreme challenge demonstration - his girlfriend Lei Hiuking (Yang Chihfei) brought him to an isolated place to recover.  She thought such place could help Lo Fei recover in peace, however the strange happenings began happening in the villa and their neighbors were a weird couple.


Reporters were disappointed after watching the movie 'The Closet'.  Just by the name of the movie, it felt like a ghost movie.  The starting of the movie had a long hair girl in white, and the swing that swayed with no one on it was enough to give a creepy feeling.

Michelle Ye who played the schizophrenic neighbor went to the lead's villa to terrify her, muttering "there's a lot of things in this house…" and hissing "move away quickly…", in addition to the sound effect, this has already convinced the audience that this is a ghost movie, thus have the anticipation for the appearance of the ghost.  However the reporter watched on and it felt weirder and weirder by time.   The supernatural effect began dying down, and it slowly turned into a kind magician who saved mentally disturbed neighbor – a mother daughter pair.  Unfortunately, the mother fell for him and caused a dispute between him and her husband.  This immediately throws the plot in opposite direction of the initial storyline – directly into extreme violence.  Moreover, the logic within the movie was a chaos, the sequence of scenes were unorganized.  The pot was vague, definitely unable to give audience the satisfaction.

Francis Ng is already familiar with playing tensed characters, thus there is not much to comment on this unchallenging role.  The female lead portrayed a not too outstanding kind and understanding girlfriend, an innocent one who gets terrified.  The schizophrenic mother played by Michelle Ye is instead perfectly portrayed.  The most pitiful is the little girl in the movie, most of the terrifying scenes are played by her.  However, the actual fact was in fact that she loves playing and strolling at night, she is perfectly sane, and if we look carefully, she is quite adorable.

In short, this movie is just a disappointment.  The worse thing is, to date, the reporter is still unable to comprehend the meaning behind the title of the movie.

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