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Conventional filming attire hides Michelle's figure; Zhang Tianlin did not have eye candy

Posted by MYR on April 27, 2007 at 10:04 AM

27 Apr 2007 - Conventional filming attire hides Michelle's figure; Zhang Tianlin did not have eye candy

27 April 2007

China Times

Michelle Ye who is labeled to be the Rumor Queen by Hong Kong media, her news of electrifying others, etc are not unfamiliar.  Earlier on, when she and Zhang Tianlin collaborated in Hangzhou to film "Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma" it was rumored that she initiated to be friendly and flirted.  When asked for confirmation from Zhang Tianlin, Zhang Tianlin demonstrated gentleman charisma and shook his head denying the rumor.  He added that he has long known that Michelle Ye has a hot figure, but it was a pity that the filming attire was conventional, thus he did not get to see anything.

Zhang Tianlin frankly admitted that before he started filming, he especially went online to search for Michelle's photos and when he saw all her photos to be very sexy, thus he was secretly delighted for some time.  However, when they were trying out for costumes and on his first glance at Michelle, his heart immediately sighed "Aiyoweiya!".  Michelle in fact plays a daughter of a poor family in the film, her attire is as conventional as can be, totally wasting Michelle's good figure, also causing him to be quite disappointed.

After a break of 2 months long, Zhang Tianlin will start filming for his new movie next month.  He said that he went surfing at Kenting earlier on, causing his complexion to be really dark.  His company ordered him for extreme whitening care so that he will be presentable before screen. However, Zhang Tianlin who is accustomed to be active fell sick once he stayed at home.  Two weeks ago, he had tonsil inflammation and couldn't eat anything, causing him to thin down quite a lot.  He simply said: "I'll just take it as losing weight!"

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