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Hot on screens in May

Posted by MYR on April 4, 2007 at 10:59 AM

4 Apr 2007 - Hot on screens in May

24 April 2007

Hot on screens in May

Source: Guangzhou Daily

The screens of cinemas are beginning to heat up starting this May, there will be master pieces to be premiered unceasingly.  Among them are Hollywood blockbusters, Shooter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which will both hit the screens simultaneously on May 18th.  The other movies hitting the big screens include Hollywood production "Spiderman 3", thriller movie "The Closet", emotional film "Apple", as well as Hollywood action packed "Ghost Rider".  The audience finally gets to appreciate these many big productions of various genres in May.

"The Closet"

Date: May 11th

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Francis Ng, Michelle Ye, Yang Chihfei, Eddie Cheung, Mang Ping (!!! MYR: A mistake of the media! Mang Ping is a character Michelle plays, NOT a cast!)


The investment on "The Closet" was over 10 million HKD as the film required a large amount of sculptures, including human sculptures.  Also, both the male and female leads, Francis Ng and Yang Chihfei needed experts in their appearance makeover, it really is one expensive production. The story is inspired by an artistic exhibition back in 2002 which had the theme "Obsession for Injury".  This artistic manner at that moment stirred heated debates: To cut open one's skin for the plantation of grass, eating dead infants and the likes of strange behaviors.  The thrills in this film is extremely visual.  The lead in the film, Michelle Ye plays a woman who suffers from schizophrenia, "She became insane after losing her love."  Michelle said: "A mental patient has split personalities, I have about four to five in this movie.  As a passionate mother, as a very pressured wife, as a gentle lover, as a plain housewife…" The male lead, Francis Ns is already a veteran in this thriller genre.  His collaboration with Tian Yuan in the "Curse of Lola" last year had quite good results for box office.  This time around he plays a magician and becomes the main frightening icon for this entire film.


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