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Han Hong sings for "Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…"; the Iron triangle of Music assembles

Posted by MYR on April 9, 2007 at 10:55 AM

09 Apr 2007 - Han Hong sings for "Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…"; the Iron triangle of Music assembles

Source: Sina Entertainment

9th April 2007

Han Hong sings for "Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…"; the Iron triangle of Music assembles

The 25 episodes heartrending drama series invested by Zhe Jiang Hua Ce Ltd Co, "Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…" has already finished its production.  The theme song "Zai Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma" sung by Han Hong has also completed its recording recently.

"Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…" revolves about the background of two generations, a depressing and heartrending series: When Jian Li gives birth to her daughter Xiao Dan, her husband unfortunately passed away.  Later, Jian Li also adopted another baby girl who was abandoned, Yuan Yue.  Yuan Yue found out about her background on her 14th birthday, but Jian Li insisted that she was her true born.  Since then, Yuan Yue began to be rebellious, and fought over everything with Jian Li and her true born, Xiao Dan…  Thus, the love hate relationship between a good mother and a bad mother, a good daughter and a bad daughter, a good woman and a bad woman began evolving…

"If there were no deals in the past life, why will you give me a home this life?

If we truly have fate this life, why does your heart bear my scar?

When all the days melted in the warmth,

Why does love instead blossom in the rain,

If there's still possibility in the next life,

I still want us to walk hand in hand into this home…

I still desire to shout the same phrase ten thousand times,

Mum, allow me to call you mum this once…"

The lyric of the "Zai Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma" song is by a renowned producer, Zhu Hai.  When discussed about his lyric style, he said: "This series portrayed the society's topic, the lyrics is from the perspective of the child, the appreciation towards a mother's sacrifice.  The phrase 'Mother' is easy to call normally, but to say it in a touching manner is quite challenging. Thus I used some kind of singing chant to reflect the bizarre mother-daughter relationship in this series…"

The composer for this song, Wang Liguang has ever composed songs for movies such as "A World without Thieves" (Tin Ha Mou Caak 2004), and also series such as "Papa, can you hear me sing?" (Daap Choh Che 2004), "Moments in Peking" (Jing Hua Yan Yun 2005).  He said series like 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…; which has mother as the main storyline, the characters within is emotional, the song is easily clichéd, if it was too straightforward, expressed too generally, it may be superficial easily.  "Thus when I was composing, I grasped on to this principle and did not eliminate the ethnic music style, otherwise it would be bland.  I blend the ethnic music and emotions into the complex relationship of the mother and daughter, I emphasized on the ethnic music to bring draw the gap closer between audience.  Especially for the last phrase 'Mum, allow me to call you mum this once…', it was repeated endlessly, resulting the call to be even more touching."

Wang Liguang, Zhu Hai and Han Hong are labeled by many to be the "Iron Triangle of Music".  Under the recommendation and invitation of Zhu Hai and Wang Liguang, Han Hong quickly accepted to sing this heartrending song.  Han Hong's father passed away when she was six, and was sent to Beijing by her mother at the age of 9, growing up with her grandmother and uncles.  In her growing up, her mother was never by her side, she deeply understands and experiences the bitterness.  In preparation to put best effort in singing this song, she had herself prepared for one whole week.  When she entered the recording studio, she recorded this song in one breath.  When exiting the s

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