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Michelle thanks Francis Ng tipping her in the film

Posted by MYR on March 14, 2007 at 1:49 AM

14 Mar 2007 - Michelle thanks Francis Ng tipping her in the film

Michelle plays a role that suffers from schizophrenia complications in the new Xing Hao movie, 'The Closet'.  She often has illusions that Francis and her are together.  In the film, there was a scene where Michelle dreams of being intimate with Francis, Michelle clung both her arms around Francis' neck, and drew their faces close to each other.  Francis conveniently holds to Michelle's delicate waist, the scene was very intimate.  Earlier on, when Michelle the station's interview, when asked about her love life, she said she's very contented in all aspects.  Ever since she signed with her new company the year before last, her schedule is very well distributed, and caters for all aspect.  When asked if she'll have some avoidance when going out with her boyfriend, she smilingly said that he's very understanding. 



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