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Michelle and Lin Yaolin return home together

Posted by MYR on February 14, 2007 at 10:00 AM

14 Feb 2007 - Michelle and Lin Yaolin return home together

Source: Hunan Station

Tan Weiwei and Li Xueqing share Valentine's Day; Michelle and Lin Yaolin return home together

The scond part of 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' – 'Kuai Le Da Zhu Chu' semifinals, Tan Weiwei PK Li Xueqing!

Since the last episode of semifinals between Michelle Ye and Jimmy Wong, how will the pair of Tan Weiwei and Li Xueqing who both respectively has respectable culinary skills appear in this episode?  What was surprising was that both of them wore black and white without making a deal of it beforehand, and descended from the stairs while singing 'Ni Zui Zhen Gui' (You're Most Precious), and held hands like a couple deeply in love while singing sweetly, truly creating the Valentine's atmosphere.  Tan Weiwei and Li Xueqing also did not appear to be contesting one another during the competition but in fact looked like a couple who were busy preparing for a Valentine's meal.

Today, the specified dish is very special, it is using Changsa's delicacy, smelly Tofu (cau dau fu) to fry with fish.  Such an exceptionally unique tasting dish instead got beautiful judge, Zhong Liti's favor, and kept insisting that she loves eating smelly Tofu!  Then, who will actually win this round and enter the finals to compete with Michelle Ye tomorrow to emerge champion?

Michelle Ye who has always been known for her strong character, Mang Lai Kuan, this time will be out of ordinary, acting as a youthful girl, holding hands with Li Yaolin and singing in the musical drama 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' (Happily Going Home)!

As the 'daughter-in-law' who has been abroad for years, and coming home (China) for the first time for Chinese New Year celebration, how will she be able to immerse into the China tradition and culture atmosphere?  The story of 'Returning home' is full of comedy, seeing how a foreign daughter in law returns home.

February 14th, 19:35, is a special day, a special episode of 'Kuai Le Hui Jia'.

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