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The Nature of Gossips

Posted by MYR on February 10, 2007 at 10:45 AM

10 Feb 2007 - The Nature of Gossips

Source: Sinhua News Network – Yangzi Evening News

The Nature of Gossips


Yangzi Evening News

It is really hard to become media in these recent days, you'll be used once you're unaware, there are traps everywhere.  Everyone expects you to have big news everyday, otherwise you can't give the editor and readers an answer.  News are everywhere, the consequences are serious even if you missed out just anyone of them.  To become an independent gossip media, you need enough courage and calmness, it is then that you can benefit from the 'disputes', and filter all those rubbish news.

For example, due to "Nanjing! Nanjing", it was made known that Luchuan had personality problem and in the end faced threats of trust in him, it is obviously an intended shameless sin; on Michelle hitting her assistant, one look it takes no genius to figure out that it's the evil intentions of Hong Kong media treatment towards Mainland-born celebrity working in Hong Kong, wasn't Zhang Ziyi's image wrecked in the same manner?  As for the divorce of a famous Central TV director with his rumored girlfriend being exposed, it is up to 80% that there are certain parties who wish to make up to so-called supposedly to be girlfriend.  However, these news are big news, and even have 'photo evidence'.  If one (unsure of proverb meaning) without practicing hard enough, how is it possible for them to see through the slyness behind it?

This is an era where everything is circulated and spread with no boundaries, we become so dependent on media at all times that it is as if we can only understand the world through media.  "One can know everything without even stepping outdoors" has now truly become a reality.  The first question that pops in the mind after waking up every morning is: What news is there today?  Thus, if one can fix media's entertainment board, one can be said to have control of the entertainment circle.  A certain King of Made-up stories described his path to success as: It doesn't matter if my article is to hurt or to support (the reported celebrity), if the published section is big enough, if my name appears more than enough number of times, I can then celebrate with champagne.  To be linked in such a way of life, the production of entertainment news has now turned from spontaneous to become one's creation initiative.  There are often anonymous emails in inbox, vowing to honestly say that they saw Xu Jinglei in a hotel room with someone, how Huang Jianxiang is having a rough time, famous news reporter having a flirtatious moment, rumored girlfriend of so and so, and endless 'interesting' topics…

What is worth being happy about is that media is not so easily to be 'used'.  Although it is true that we are not able to make the decision at times, not being able to confirm if readers will like the news of 'certain rumored girlfriend' but we can foresee their feelings and expressions when they see media taking initiative to apologize for mistaken reports.  And to think in such way, we will then be a little more cautious.

However, an resourceful experienced person still retorted my view points saying, entertainment news is still "easy to work on", "If you can't confirm the truth in such news, then you just add a 'Rumored' in front of your title, this way it will be free and you also don't need to worry if you missed out a news.  This skilled person taught: "Since Gossip media is really about rumoring here and there!", it is like how Andy Lau, the drug dealer in Protégé has said, "I deal with drugs because there are people who wants to buy, if there is buying, then there is selling, I didn't even take the initiative to do promotions." – logic is thus distinctly disordered.


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