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Michelle Ye, Jimmy Wong has a heated 'battle'

Posted by Kim on January 30, 2007 at 9:06 AM

30 Jan 2007 - Michelle Ye, Jimmy Wong has a heated 'battle'

Source: Hunan TV

Tan Weiwei, Li Xueqing has deep relationship, Michelle Ye, Jimmy Wong has a heated 'battle'

30 January 2007

Hunan TV will be airing the team competition of 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' on February 5th. There are two teams, first of Li Xueqing and Tan Weiwei, second team of Michelle Ye and Jimmy Wong (Wong Ga Lok). Tan Weiwei and Li Xueqing both coincidentally wore black winter coats without beforehand deal, and duet the song 'Ni Zui Zhen Gui' while ascending from the stairs, looking just like a pair of sweet couple. Li Xueqing felt some pressure singing with Tan Weiwei who is quite talented as this is his first time singing a duet. He also revealed that he is a pleasantly surprised that to have Tan Weiwei as both his partner and competitor. How will the sparks between these two be like?


Meanwhile, Michelle Ye and Jimmy Wong who are both from Hong Kong, both wore their battle suits and had a heated 'battle'. For the 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' show this time, they've especially invited two fighting instructor to teach them in detail, Michelle Ye and Jimmy Wong's 'battling chemistry' can be seen to be really heated!


Michelle transforms into Jewel in Palace...



Michelle & Jimmy has a heated 'battle'...



All smiles after the battle



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