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'Liao Zhai 2' mainly about human-fairy romance

Posted by Kim on January 13, 2007 at 10:11 AM

13 Jan 2007 - 'Liao Zhai 2' mainly about human-fairy romance

Source: Jing Hua Net

13 January 2007: 'Liao Zhai 2' mainly about human-fairy romance

Eric Suen and Michelle Ye act relaxed romance.

Recently, the Shang Hai TV invested series 'Liao Zhai 2' is being intensely filmed.  At the filming set, the actors are happily having a relationship, it is an abnormal scene for the regular frightening storyline of the series.  The producer, Qiu Lixin explained that it is intentional that they fade the ghost storyline, saying that Liao Zhai 2 will be mainly about 'Human-fairy love'. 

Qiu Lixin introduced that 'Liao Zhai 2' will still be using segments filming, all in all there will be 6 stories comprising of: 'Yan Zhi', 'Yi Quan', 'Lian Xiang', 'Fen Die', 'Luo Sha Hai Shi' and 'Ying Ning'. Due to the influence of limitation to ancient film from the General TV station, the producer changed all the storyline again, fading the effects of ghost while boosting the fairies portion, also adding lessons in every series.  For example in the 'Fen Die' segment, Liu Xue Hua acted as a normal girl, Ying Shi Nian who married to a fairy, Yan Chun Qiu, and lived a life of 'half a fairy'.  She mistakenly helped her nephew in a palace relationship legend and later became a matchmaker.  The segment 'Lian Xian' is about the love of a fox fairy played by Yang Xue.

The segment 'Luo Sha Hai Shi' that is currently shooting is a work that is first being filmed.  In this segment, Eric Suen acts as an unfaithful scholar who has two relationships, Michelle Ye acts as a silly Long Nu (dragon girl) while Zhang Qian acts as the rich daughter of an officer, both fighting life and death for him.  At the scene, in a very up to date fashion, Eric Suen was so happy to be hugging at both sides, it feels even more relaxed to act love story.

Reporter: Xu Qinghong


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