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Hunan TV Show 'Kuai Le Hui Jia', Stars to compete culinary skills

Posted by Kim on January 12, 2007 at 10:09 AM

12 Jan 2007 - Hunan TV Show 'Kuai Le Hui Jia', Stars to compete culinary skills

Source: Sina Entertainment

Hunan TV Show 'Kuai Le Hui Jia', Stars to compete culinary skills

(Kuai Le Hui Jia is literally translated as Returning Home Joyfully.  Some irrelevant part of article omitted)

12th Jan 2007, 11:04

Following 'Ming Sheng Da Zhen' (Tremor of Fame), and 'Wo Shi Guan Jun' (I am a Champion), Hunan TV will once again hold a 'Star's Talent search' – a special Chinese New Year Program 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' will be released on 5th February 2007, and has invited popular film stars such as Zhong Liti, Michelle Ye, international super model Jed Lee (Lee Xue Qing), Jimmy Wong (Huang Jianuo), Satir Chen (Chen Weiwei), Rebron and also hosts of Hunan TV, Li Rui, Wu Xin, Du Haitao, Xiong Xiaowen, etc to battle their culinary skills onstage, creating the first Chinese New Year battle for stars.

Fussy-taste panels to judge 'Kuai Le Hui Jia'

'Kuai Le Hui Jia' this time is not only an all new variety, they also chose their panel of judges with ingenuity.  Being accustomed to western cuisine, will the Chinese beauty, Zhong Liti who is assigned to be the 'Beauty Judge' be able to appreciate the uniqueness in Eastern cuisine?

How will the Nutrition Professor Lin Guang Chang who became famous for his witty sayings of "Milk can only be drunk by cows and cola can only clean toilet bowls", as the professional critic be giving his newer versions atypical nutritional logics?

There is also Xiong Xiaowen and Ma Lilian, Zuo Bielin, etc to assist, these sharp-tongued judges claimed that they will not let go any of the contestants, wanting them to have 'a good time'!

Kitchen will become the battlefield of stars

You've seen actors act, singers singing high keys, macho men modeling, hosts learning lullaby singing… but have you seen them in the kitchen?  Have you seen their true colors of cooking?

You can only see such spectacular scenes in Hunan TV's 'Kuai Le Hui Jia'!

The eight star contestants, Michelle Ye, Jed Lee, Jimmy Wong, Chen Weiwei, Rebron, Li Rui, Wu Xin,, etc, will take Master Xu Juyun as their master and undergo a 'tormenting special training' for a period of 3 days, and then demonstrate the assigned dish to the audience.  Wang Xiang Ping, Hunan's king of comedy will be in ancient attire, and play as the customer to challenge the mind, courage and speech of contestants while they are preparing their dishes.  Every level will be evaluated by 4 judges, and one contestant will be eliminated at each level.  At the finals there will be a 'cruel' street battle where stars need to ask for the help of passer bys to complete their 'mission impossible' – and the last one to emerge champion will be honored the throne for 'God of Food'.

Facing such tough challenges, all stars seemed to be well prepared; Chen Weiwei will demonstrate a domineering Sze Chuan's dish, reborn will have his family's traditional dish, the cool male model Jed Li in fact made a very tempting daily dish, while Michelle Ye who grew up in the states since young and Jimmy Wong will be having their secret recipe of western delicacy.  How will the rest of the contestants,

Li Rui, Wu Xin, etc face the challenge?

'Splendid musical drama' for each to show their talent

After the opening dance, there will be a 'splendid musical drama', selecting the classic songs of olden days with altered lyrics, and will be acted by the special guests and hosts, using ancient attire, with drama in songs, and songs in drama, to become the ancient version of short musical drama.

Among it will be the TVB fa dan who became popular with 'Lost in the Chambers of Love', 'Eternal Happiness' and 'Triumph in the Skies', Michelle Ye's singing dance, her vocal is definitely out of your expectation.




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