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Michelle Ye: 'cover up rules'? Hong Kong actors are luckier!

Posted by Kim on December 9, 2006 at 10:23 AM

09 Dec 2006 - Michelle Ye: 'cover up rules'? Hong Kong actors are luckier!

Source: Hangzhou net - Hangzhou Daily

Michelle Ye: 'cover up rules'? Hong Kong actors are luckier!

9th December 2006, 7:25:29

Zhong Qi Media Network News: Eversince the outburst of the 'cover up rule' matter, this topic has been continuously hunting the actresses.  Yesterday, a TV series 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' held a press conference at Jiang Da Yu Quan Qu, actresses Michelle Ye, Sun Fei Fei and others experienced the interrogation on 'cover up rule' matter.  Even the host's manuscript contained the interview on the 'cover up rule' question.

Big company does not have 'cover up rules?'

'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' is yet another bitter romance film, and is invested by the Zhe Jiang Hua Ce TV.  Michelle Ye acts as a very good, beautiful, gentle and kind woman in this film... she is the model of the 'farmer' in the 'Farmer and Snake' story.

Michelle said this TV series is a very great tear gas bomb.  In this series, the role she acted will be betrayed by her younger sister, but she will still love her sister despite so.  In real life, Michelle has also been betrayed by her friends before.  "In Hong Kong, one of our very good friend in fact betrayed our privacy to the paparazzi, this is really saddening."  Of course, in the end, everyone drew their boundary lines with that person.

About the matter on 'cover up rule', Michelle is well prepared for it, and spoke with confidence, "I think the Hong Kong actors are luckier in this aspect, most of the Hong Kong companies are listed companies.  To use an actor isn't the mere decision of one person, but they need to go through the decisions of the company's shareholders.  TVB and Media Asia are both very protective 'umbrella', they are powerful companies; I don't think they have 'cover up rule'. However, Mainland is one of the few examples."

Gossips are only fabrication and made ups

Michelle has always been the concerned target of paparazzi in Hong Kong.  She does not know how to handle this when she first enters the industry, 'escapes on seeing the reporters'. Now she finally understands that everyone is only doing so for the sake of work, thus she tries her best to cooperate, 'everyone quickly finishes their work and go home to rest'.

"Hong Kong with the exception of a few media, the majority of the entertainment news are mainly using gossips.  As long as it is a film of two actresses, they will definitely be gossiped to have disagreement, what is the evidence -- "You see how reluctantly you are smiling?  Why are both of you standing at such a big gap?"  Actually it is already very near, do they need to stick together even?  Of course, if it is an actor and an actress, they will definitely have gossips."

Michelle came out from TVB, and the competition of TVB actresses is a public affair, but Michelle feels that those are made ups.  "Who do not wish for some peace? If we disagree with each other how can we continue to film?  Why the media reports so is also because of the audiences concerns.  Like the ancient emperor's concubine's competition, everyone loves watching it, it's just like a series."


The key lies in how one grasps oneself

9th December 2006, 04:44, Qian Jiang Evening News

The series 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' after being intensely filmed for more than three months in Hangzhou will soon be released.  Yesterday, reporters visited this Zhe Jiang Hua Ce TV invested filming site.  Although the story of this film is bound to surpass 'Cuo Ai Yi Sheng' (A Lifetime's Mistaken Love), the bitterness will outdo 'Ma Ma Zai Ai Wo Yi Ci' (Mom, please love me again), everyone's main concern was not on these.  The recent 'Hidden Rule' matter stirred by Zhang Yu obviously still has not elapsed.  Zhang Mo, Michelle Ye and Sun Fei Fei are all young actors of the film, when mentioned on the words of 'Hidden Rule', they all expressed that it is a sensitive topic.

Zhang Mo:

Doubtful towards ex-girlfriend, Tong Yao

The first male lead of the film, Zhang Mo, an extremely good man, was shooting the Olympic Games theme in Beijing and thus wasn't present yesterday.  In a tele-interview with the reporter, he replied a unique answer on the question of the 'Hidden Rule' matter.  When asked if entertainment circle has 'Hidden Rule', he replied without hesitation that this type of matter should be questioned to Tong Yao.  It is obvious that he is still doubtful towards his ex-girlfriend, Tong Yao who was once involved in this 'Hidden Rule' matter.  At the same time, he jokingly expressed that, while he is in the entertainment circle, it is lucky that he is just average looking, not as handsome as those gorgeous guys, thus he is 'safer'.  Besides, he also felt that for an actor to depend on 'Hidden Rule' to attain a certain role, the person won't be able to act that character well, it may be that the certain film can do with or without that certain actor. 

Michelle Ye:

In Hong Kong, even the boss has no right to decide the selected actors

Michelle who originated from Hangzhou, now contracted to Hong Kong's Media Asia, acts as Jian Xiao Dan, a simple and naïve girl in the film.  She is bullied to no end by her sister that is acted by Sun Fei Fei.  Sun Fei Fei frames her and even snatched her boyfriend, thus her crying scenes are especially more, she has had a maximum of ten crying scenes in a day.  When discussed about 'Hidden Rule', Michelle said, Hong Kong's  film and TV production organization are more systematic, the decision of casts is neither in the hands of the director nor the producer.  If the film is invested by a few investor, even the boss himself can't make the decision. 

At the same time, she expressed that actors are public figures, thus to have gossips to be in disagreement with certain people is quite a helpless matter.  In 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…', Michelle and Sun Fei Fei are both female leads.  Yesterday while taking photos, both of them are standing at quite a gap.  After Sun Fei Fei has taken her position, the crew called Michelle a few times before she came, after taking photos, they both separated immediately, are they really not happy with one another?  Michelle said, "There's no such matter, we're quite good with each other, we do not have disagreement."  Sun Fei Fei also said, "Maybe Michelle did not hear them the first time."

Michelle has had rumors with Wallace Huo before, yesterday, she said Wallace and her are only good friends, her real boyfriend is another person and their relationship is very stable.  Is he in the entertainment circle?  Michelle smiled very happily, but expressed that it is inconvenient for her to reveal.

Sun Fei Fei:

The key lies in how one grasps oneself

The scriptwriter Wang Li Ping said, 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' is actually the modern version of 'The Farmer and the Snake' story.  This 'snake' is the Jian Yuan Yue acted by Sun Fei Fei.  In order to act well as a bad woman, she became too absorbed; she felt she's going insane soon.  The director and producer is afraid that she may be too absorbed thus invited a psychologist to help balance her emotions.  As for the 'Hidden Rule' matter, she said, it is not merely the entertainment circle, sometimes other profession also has 'Hidden Rules', the key lies in how one grasp holds of oneself.

Reporter: Lu Fang



Michelle admits boyfriend is not in the entertainment circle, relationship is stable

9th December 2006, 04:55, Jin Ri Early Paper

Reporter: Xue Ying/Text Wu Xin Yan/Photo

The film invested by Zhe Jiang Hua Ce TV Limited Co., 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' will be released soon, thus yesterday, the casts organized a conference at Zhe Jiang University.  The female leads Michelle Ye, Sun Fei Fei all came out to meet everyone and discussed the interesting happenings while filming.

'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma' TV series is said to be a bitter film, and is to have a little of the Korean series taste.  It tales about a good elder sister and an evil younger sister, intertwining their background, romance, family business and several essential elements of Korean series into it, thus should suit the tastes of female audiences. 

Michelle who has always been acting as a cool and strong woman this time acts as a sister who is labeled 'modern farmer', because of her being too kind hearted, thus she is always being bullied.  Instead, Sun Fei Fei who looks gentle and adorable, acted as the sister who is bad to the core.

"Actually, I have been framed by others before," Michelle said.  "Many years ago, I have a good friend in

Hong Kong, she betrayed my privacy to the media, and upset me quite a lot."

Although friends may not be reliable, boyfriend is still very reliable: "How is your relationship currently?  Very good, very stable."  Michelle who has endless rumors, is in fact quite shy when talked about this topic.

Recently, there is media who caught Michelle and a male walking by the Xi Hu, thus everyone else guessed that it is her boyfriend.  Michelle claimed that she has not seen the photo but assured that it definitely is not her boyfriend, "He didn't visit my filming in Hangzhou this time."

When the reporters continuously asked for the identity of her boyfriend, Michelle kept telling the reporters: "Please don't ask this question anymore, I want to protect this relationship."  But finally, she 'sweetly' admitted: "He is not within the entertainment circle, and is very charismatic.  When we are together, he likes to play the guitar for me."



Absent from 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' Conference

Zhang Mo unwilling to directly reply to 'Hidden Rule'

9th December 2006 10:32:00 Youth Times News Network

Storyline surpassing 'Cuo Ai Yi Sheng', Bitterness matching 'Ma Ma Zai Ai Wo Yi Ci', the modern version of 'The Farmer and the Snake' – Yesterday, the producer of series 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' invested by Zhe Jiang Hua Ce TV Limited Co. met with the media.  Director Zhang Xiao Guang, scriptwriter Wang Li Ping and leads, Michelle Ye, Sun Fei Fei and Taiwan artist Zhang Tian Lin, Ai Wei etc rushed from the site to participate, with only Zhang Mo missing.  He was said to have went to Beijing for an activity, but privately someone said, he was afraid to face media's interrogation of the recent drag of his father, Zhang Guo Li into the 'Hidden Rule' matter. 

Zhang Mo 'Hidden Rules' - you should have interviewed Tong Yao

The night before yesterday, Zhang Mo who is in the cast accepted reporter's tele-interview, said it is a rare opportunity to participate in a modern time series.  The role he plays is quite vexing: "The role Liu Wei Jiang is like a brother to the female lead, Jian Xiao Dan, also like a good friend, a husband, he loves her very much, but is unable to confess it, only supporting her silently by her side, helping her…"  He expressed that he is not so in real life, "I like this role very much, but I don't agree with his attitude.  When his own love is with another person and still needs to give them his blessing, not getting anything in the end.  It is so tiring!"

When the reporters implicitly mentioned the 'Hidden Rules' topic to him, he without hesitation replied, "This type of matter you shouldn't come and ask me, you should have gone and ask Tong Yao!"  Obviously, although after a few years, he is still doubtful towards his ex-girlfriend who was involved in this 'Hidden Rules' matter at that time.  "Actually, this type of thing happens everywhere, I believe you are clearer than I am.  But I think the skill of an actor is not natural, even if you obtained a certain role with this method, you also can't act it well."

Michelle Ye: Hong Kong Filming circle organization more systematic

Michelle who went to act in Hong Kong after high school graduation happily said that she finally returned home for filming!  "The Jian Xiao Dan I act in the film is very innocent, I have especially many crying scenes, one day I have a maximum of ten crying scenes."  She said she herself loves watching sad films, "I have watched many Korean series.  When I was young, I loved watching Qiong Yao's films the most, and often cried my eyes out…  Later when I came to progress in Hong Kong, because the filming progress is very rapid, thus the requirement of the screenshot needs you to cry immediately, you totally have no time to 'get' the emotion.  Thus for crying scenes, I am still better at it."

Similarly when facing the sensitive issue of 'Hidden Rules', Michelle expressed very discretely: "The TV production and organization in Hong Kong is more systematic.  To select one actor or not is not the mere decision of a director, and neither the say of the producer.  Even the boss does not have the final say, because a listed film usually has many bosses – every shareholder is the boss.  I don't think I have heard any of this around me.  As for if this helps one to achieve their dream, physical betrayal does not aid in such matter."

Source: Youth Times Paper 

Author: Times Reporter Han Bei



Actors from three lands discusses Hidden Rules

Zhang Mo says should ask Tong Yao

9th December 2006 11:26

Jin Yang Net – Yang Cheng Evening News

Recently the 'Hidden Rules' matter resurfaces in the entertainment circle.  'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' assembled the stars from three lands, such as Michelle Ye, Zhang Mo, Sun Fei Fei, Zahng Tian Lin, Cao Lei, Li Ying and Zhao Yue etc.  Reporters asked for the opinions of these actors of the concerning topic.

Mainland actors

Zhang Mo: This matter you should've asked Tong Yao

Zhang Mo acts as an extremely good man in this film, he expressed her isn't so in real life: "I think it is quite tiring to be so!"

When reporters asked him if he knows that if the entertainment circle has 'Hidden Rules' matter, he replied without thinking: "This type of matter you shouldn't ask me, you should've asked Tong Yao!"  It can be seen that although the matter has been a few years ago, he is still doubtful towards his ex-girlfirend, Tong Yao who was involved in the 'Hidden Rules' matter at that time.  "Actually this kind of matter happens everywhere, I think you are clearer than I am.  However I think the skill of an actor are not born, even if you obtain a certain role with this method, you can't possibly act it well."  Zhang Mo said with a smile: "It is safer to be uglier looking."

Sun Fei Fei: The key lies in how you grasp yourself

"In the film I act as a very monopolizing, very selfish and very mean woman, Yuan Yue." Sun Fei Fei expressed that the Yuan Yue she plays this time is her 'breakthrough' in her career.  She said she feels like trying the roles that differs further from her real character.  For example, tom boys, lesbians or roles that are very ugly and very dirty. 

Regarding the resurfacing of the recent 'Hidden Rules' topic, Sun Fei Fei who is also new to the industry expressed her own opinion: "Zhang Yu is only viewing the entertainment circle from her own point of view, using her own words to elaborate that 'so-called' entertainment circle she understands.  However, I believe, the majority, including me, doesn't view the entertainment circle in such a way.  I think as an actor, if every film she films is exchanged through sex, I can tell her that she is not fit for this job."  She said, every profession will have such matter arising, "I have ever met them myself, the key lies in how you grasp yourself!"

Taiwan Actor

Zhang Tian Lin: To let you act or not is the decision of the market

Taiwan actor, Zhang Tian Lin who became popular because of 'Bi Mi Hua Yuan' (Secret Garden) and etc films acts as a warm and naïve son of a rich family.  When asked if Taiwan entertainment circle has heard of 'Hidden Rules', Zhang Tian Lin expressed, "As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing.  Because I fell that to let you act or not is not the mere decision of the director but the decision of the market.  Even if you have physical offer as exchange, I don't think there is any use."

Hong Kong actress

Michelle Ye: Hong Kong TV production and organization more systematic

Michelle acts as an innocent girl, Jian Xiao Dan in the film.  She cries exceptionally a lot in this film, one day crying up to ten scenes.  "Zhang Mo who acts with me once asked me – how can you just cry on the spot?  I tell him, maybe I drink a lot of water everyday, thus those water easily goes to my eyes…  Zhang Mo, Zhang Tian Lin they all laughed that I am water-made woman."

Although Michelle development was not bad in Hong Kong, as the female lead for 'Eternal Happiness', 'Lost in the Chamber of Love', 'Gods of Honor', 'Central Affairs I and II' etc films with quite good viewing points, she expressed that she still hopes to cooperate more with Mainland actors and directors.  Michelle said: "I am actually continuously adapting.  Because the economy, culture and value in Hong Kong and Mainland is quite different.  For example, in Mainland, when someone fired will cry for their job, but in Hong Kong, the person will just fell 'I will just work for another company', what is there to cry for?!  It is this difference that makes me feel fresh."

Regarding the sensitive issue of 'Hidden Rules', Michelle appears somewhat cautious: "Hong Kong's TV production and organization is more systematic.  To select an actor or not is not the mere decision of the director, neither the say of the producer – even the boss does not have the definite say, because a listed TV organization has many bosses – every shareholder is a boss.  I don't think I have heard of this matter around me.  As for if this helps one to achieve their dream, physical betrayal does not aid in such matter."

'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' is about the psychology growth of a child

After the intense filming of more than three months, the Zhe Jiang Hua Ce TV Limited Co. invested series of 25 episodes, 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' recently enters the final stage of filming.  'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' revolves around the background of two generations, romance progress:  While Jian Li gives births to her daughter Jian Xiao Dan, her husband unfortunately passed away.  Later Jian Li adopts another daughter Yuan Yue who was abandoned on Midautumn festival by  Zhi Qing Liao.  Yuan Yue learnt her background when she was 14, but Jian Li kept insisting that Yuan Yue is her real child.  Yuan Yue began developing her rebellious attitude then, and kept struggling about everything with Jian Li and Jian Xiao Dan…  An entanglement of love and hate between a good mother and a bad mother, a good sister and a bad sister, a good woman and a bad woman is thus instigated…

The film's director, Zhang Xiao Guang has ever directed 'Yi Mi Yang Guang' (A Meter of Sunlight), 'Yu Cui' (Shattered Jade) etc productions.  He expressed: "The competition between the two sisters links from one to another, and also revolves around the love and romance line.  This film is very detail about the abnormality of Yuan Yue's psychology.  It also becomes the alarm for parents nowadays – be it a normal family or a single parent family, they have to pay attention to their child's psychology growth.  How to educate their child, how to treat their child, this is a very important social problem." 

Zhang Mo & Michelle Ye

Zhang Tian Lin & Michelle Ye


9th Dec 2006

Source: News Evening Paper

(only Michelle's part)

Michelle Ye: Gossips rumors are mostly fabrication and made ups.

The girl being bitterly loved by Zhang Mo in this film is the innocent girl acted by Michelle Ye.  Her crying scenes are exceptionally a lot, one day crying up to ten scenes, even Zhang Mo felt that it was impossible, how her tears are like the tap water, can be turned on immediately.  "Maybe I drink a lot of water everyday, thus those water can easily go up to my eyes.  However, I feel that the script is very touching, it is very easy to absorb into the character."  Accordingly, the mother in the film raised two daughters, giving her adopted daughter even more motherly love, but instead was repaid with heartless harms.  Michelle plays the real daughter whose fate is always awful. 

Although ceaselessly being rumored of gossips with the rich class, when discussed about love life, Michelle admitted that currently her relationship is more stable: "I don't like the kind of very happening and many obstacles love relationship; I like a peaceful and sweet life."  As for if he is in the entertainment circle, she is unwilling to reveal more.

Concerning her gossips news, she laughed saying most of it are fabrications, those are all media's made ups in order to satisfy the audiences curiosity. 

Regarding the sensitive issue of 'Hidden Rules', Michelle appears somewhat cautious: "Hong Kong's TV production and organization is more systematic.  To select an actor or not is not the mere decision of the director, neither the say of the producer – even the boss does not have the definite say, because a listed TV organization has many bosses – every shareholder is a boss.  I don't think I have heard of this matter around me.  As for if this helps one to achieve their dream, physical betrayal does not aid in such matter."



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