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Female knocking at midnight? Zhang Tian Lin clarifies it to be Zhang Mo

Posted by Kim on November 1, 2006 at 11:19 AM

01 Nov 2006 - Female knocking at midnight? Zhang Tian Lin clarifies it to be Zhang Mo

Source: Min Sheng Pao

1st November 2006

Female knocking at midnight? Zhang Tian Lin clarifies it to be Zhang Mo

MYR Tip: Ma Que Bian Feng Huang series is also known as Zai Jiao Yi Sheng, Ma Ma, Wo Hen Ni' (official name yet fixed)

Zhang Tian Lin who has been single for more than half a year is currently filming 'Zai Jiao Yi Sheng, Ma Ma, Wo Hen Ni' (Say again, Mother, I hate you) in Hangzhou.  The filming cast rumored that there is a female who knocked on his door at midnight.  Yesterday, he replied with a cold laugh, "Zhang Mo is a female then?"  Nevertheless, he admitted that he has heard of this incident, his friend even told him, "I've said it earlier, judging by your personality, it won't take more than two weeks for a female to look you up!"

However, Da Mao yesterday seriously clarified, "There's really no such incident, the one who came knocking was only Zhang Mo and Yao Yuan Hao and also my assistant."  As Zhang Mo and him were filming this film together, they became good friends.  If they're free in the day, they would go out together, while at night they'll meet in either's room for a drink.  Zhang Mo will play the guitar and sing for him, the two of them has discussed several topics on filming.  As for Zhang Mo's father, Zhang Guo Li, Da Mao said, "Zhang Mo won't talk about this, and I've also never asked him before."

In the 'Zai' cast, Da mao and Zhang Mo acts as love rival.  Da Mao is a rich young man, while Zhang Mo is a reputable attorney.  For the sake of the female lead, Michelle Ye, and as they both have feelings for her, the two made an appointment to confront – Zhang Mo even punched Da Mao once.  In real life, Da Mao said he personally has never confronted a love rival, "There isn't anything to confront right?  It is up to the girl to decide who she wants to go with!"  Then what if the girl escapes, and just won't give an answer? Da Mao said, "Then don't let me catch her, if I catch her, I'll just break up."

Da Mao said he has heard of Huang Wei De's attack in Qing Dao.  He expressed that since he is unfamiliar with the location, he will not interfere with irrelevant incidents while filming in China.  However if it is something like how Huang Wei De is being threatened, he who has rugby background will not be unbothered.  He said, " The cast needs to unite for this kind of matter, I heard from Huang Wei De that they were met with 20 armed attackers.  Even though Northern people are fiercer, but if the filming cast unite together, surely we still can beat the 20 persons!"

【2006/11/01 Min Sheng Pao】


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