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The Tale of Michelle

Posted by Kim on January 23, 2008 at 11:10 AM

23 Jan 2008 - The Tale of Michelle


Born in Hangzhou but raised in the States, Michelle Ye grew up in a broken family. When she was just 9, her mother left, at 13 she was already independent, at 18 she represented New York to participate in Miss Chinese International Beauty Pageant, and was crowned the winner. She understands the importance to keep her roots intact, while pursuing for international enhancement.


Her stepmother was the woman behind Michelle, silently showing Michelle the way of life, they're intimate as sisters. Her stepmother's silent influence has allowed Michelle to walk towards the crown of the international beauty pageant…


Although her soul was barely appreciated, her heart was blooming with roses.

Michelle's happy childhood ended abruptly when she was 9, her mother wanted to move out, Michelle begged her mother with a hopeful gaze, "Mother, why don't you take me with you? I don't want to stay home alone!"


"I've divorced with your father, so I can't stay here anymore, I've supported you for 9 years, while he only returns twice a year, it is his turn now!" To punish that man, Mother was determined to leave the house to look for her own happiness. Michelle tugged Mother's hands, kneeling on the floor, asking out of the blue: "Mother, who will plait my hair from now onwards?"


Mother gazed at Michelle in utter melancholy, her last words were in fact: "I will never return once I've left the Ye's family." She slammed the door shut, and Michelle shrunk behind the cold door, weeping timidly. When she heard a vehicle coughing to start, Michelle ran to the window and climbed onto the sill, her tears trickled sadly but Mother never waved. Cold breeze dried her tears, Michelle was then awakened to the surroundings of the chilly house, her family photo was torn into pieces.


Someone was at the door, her father had ordered a messenger to send her 200 dollars. She took it happily and went downstairs to buy herbal eggs and a packet of instant noodles, after eating, she went to bed.


It was as if the 9 years old little girl grew up overnight. The next morning, Michelle plaited her own hair, took some money to buy breakfast and then headed to school. No one could have guessed what happened at home. When she saw her schoolmates' parents came to bring them home, Michelle couldn't help but race home at top speed. At home, she laid out a piece of paper on the desk.


"Daddy doesn't want me anymore, you don't want me too! Mother, I miss you, where are you? I hope the postman uncle or auntie can help me pass you this letter. Xuan Er (Little Xuan)" The letter without any delivery address was slipped into the post box.


Michelle waited and waited, but she never saw the shadows of her mother. Mother, was indeed the best memory in her heart. Michelle's name (Ye Xuan) was picked by Mother, "Mother dreamt to become an actress, but it never came true." Mother said, her favorite actress was Zhou Xuan, thus she gave her daughter a 'Xuan' too.


Father was finally back home. He told Michelle, from then onwards, she can go to the neighbor's for meals, they will take care of her. Father is a businessman, Michelle was unable to feel any warmth or comfort from him.


Loneliness, inferiority, despair – the little soul was never appreciated, yet Michelle's heart was resolute and determined to bloom roses anyway. That transparent fragile heart of hers needed to proof itself. She knew, before she earns respect from others, she needs to earn her own first. She learns everything with earnest, she was the best rope jumper, and she wrote the best calligraphy. "I won't be any less than other children!" She told herself, "I must earn every chance to be praised by teachers!"


The seed of confidence and self appreciation rooted deep and strong, bloomed and grew and fruited well too. That term, besides Michelle's parents, other parents were all present. She took home her report book, the 3 best student awards and being first in her class could not compare with the excitement of reporting the news to her father.


At an age so tender, Michelle has learnt to self appreciate and self protect. She positioned the awards at her bedside, and wrote a banner of calligraphy: "Learn well, advance every day." (hao hao xue xi, tian tian xiang shang)


Suffering has created a self admiration soul such as Michelle's.


God never gave up on his children.


Mother came looking for Michelle, her memory was a little vague then. "I want to depend on myself!" Instead, she consoled her mother. She never thought that separation would last 8 years long.


When Michelle was 11, Father took her to the States. Father was doing business and has immigrated to the States. Michelle was very excited, she thought that her father has found a new lover, and she will soon have her own siblings.


Father's apartment was spacious, there were even luxurious cars and a butler, the beautiful verandah impressed Michelle. But all she saw was the unfamiliar face of her father.


Father touched her cheeks saying: "Daddy brought you to States to give you better education, do you remember?" Michelle proudly pulled out her awards from her bag, she wanted Father to know that she was his best daughter. Father's stern gaze softened, so his daughter was excellent after all! "You must get into State's prestigious university, only then you are successful, only then you can be outstanding in the States society!" Father's words were confusing to her.


"Stay here! Do you like here?" Father asked. Michelle kept silent.


Later, she ran into father's room and asked in disappointment, "Why didn't you find me a mother?" Mother is starting to become a very vague memory; Michelle's heart was throbbing silently. Since she was unable to have her blood mother, she was naïve enough to anticipate her father find her a new one.

Because there was no sign of marriage photos around father's bed, Michelle cried. She began collecting her belongings as she sobbed, she wanted to return to Hangzhou: "If you don't give me a mother, I'll look for her myself!"


Father's face darkened, Michelle was reduced to silence again.


"You are the sacrifice of your mother and I, as a man, career comes first, you mother only has hatred for me, you are dragged down, I am unable to fulfill your wish, let everything start anew!" Father said as though reciting from a script.


That weekend, father brought Michelle to a large library in New York City. At the entrance, father told her in a cold, unfamiliar voice: "Xuan Er, you must be able to withstand loneliness, here, you will find things your parents were unable to give you, you must understand this, your future lies in your own hands." Father was busy for his business again. The grandparents who went to the States together decided to return to China as they could not adapt to the life there.


Michelle did not wish to live with her father, so when her grandparents left, she suggested living outside on her own. "I don't wish to live with a stranger." She was unwilling to voice her opinions to her father, "You should find you better half, I hope you find happiness."


Renting an apartment outside, she took over the role of a housewife at the age of 13. She goes to her father's office every month for her living expenses, her meals and laundry, all depended on herself.

At 18, Michelle got into Wellesley College to study political science. She was very satisfied with her condition, she hopes to find a job after graduating and then marry a man and live a simple life.

Father invited Michelle for a meal to celebrate her success to enter Wellesley. Father was in a peach suit, with a maroon tie, in such gentlemanly manner, his mood was exceptionally good, his love life was very well as well. It was Michelle's first time seeing a woman by his side, she was elegant with long silky hair. She is father's girlfriend, father introduced her, she is a lawyer, a graduate of Colombia University, originating from Shanghai. Michelle has a strange liking towards her.


She is very friendly, the first word she gave Michelle was, you're such a beauty, especially the eastern beauty appeal your aura carries, it would be such a waste if you didn't enter a pageant.


"I don't have such interest, what significance would there be?" Michelle never planned to enter a beauty pageant, most importantly, she never felt herself having the potential for pageant.


She smiled and said to Michelle: "Every child has their own dream, Don't you wish to put some effort for your own dreams? God has never given up on any child, so if even God does not give up, how can we give up our own dreams?"


The dinner ended, Father held the hands of his two loved girls, smiling happily: "I gave Xuan Er too little love, I must repay her in future. I hope my daughter can be truly happy, I also hope our family will be harmonious."


She accompanied her father for a walk down the Manhattan streets, the colorful lights from the display window caught Michelle's attention, especially the enchantingly beautiful model. She held Michelle's hands softly and whispered by her ear: "Xuan Er, you're even more beautiful under the lights, I believe you will become a celebrity in future!"


Michelle shook her head, and laughed unbelievingly. But at that moment, she felt as though she was bestowed an extra sister, a friend. The feeling of being loved, the feeling of being worthy to someone is such a blissful feeling. Michelle thought in her heart, she herself is such a pretty doll, why doesn't she enter a pageant?


Calling her stepmother 'sister' means more than anything in the world.


The next day, father drove to Michelle's residence. The door opened, it was her! "Michelle, I brought you something, come have a look, you'll surely be interested!"


That was a very well kept package. When opened, it was an album, there was also a certificate.

She's a crowned pageant? Michelle turned to face father, not believing her own eyes. Father laughed out loud, while she told Michelle with a jovial gaze: "I'm a pageant, I entered New York's Miss Plum Blossom, the winner was Peng Dan, I was the runner up, later during the finals in Taiwan, I was the winner."


"I'm not as good as you, you're much prettier than I am, how can I compare to you?" Michelle said.

"You're already 18, you can enter the Miss Chinese International pageant this year, you'll definitely win!" She was trying to repair the love for her father, her mission was to help Michelle realize her fine points, and walk her own path. However, the Michelle before her denied herself again.


The beauty pageant issue sizzled down fast enough, they made a deal to go for a vacation together. Just before the journey, Michelle brought the photos she sent her along, that was the motivation she gave Michelle. Michelle has silently adored her as an idol.


Late into the night, they were alone for the first time. Under the silvery moonlight, Michelle gazed at her affectionately: "Sister, do you really think I can? My blood mother wished to be an actress, but she missed the chance, if I win a beauty pageant, then I can go into acting and realize my mother's dream." Michelle opened her heart to her. She also shared her childhood's bitterness, and became Michelle's old buddy.


Although she was just older than Michelle by 10 years, she had already entered the successful phase of life. "I encourage you to depend on your own strength, decide on a bold plan, and brave down the path." While she explored the possibilities of winning with Michelle, she also allowed Michelle to infiltrate into warmth and faith Michelle never had.


"Beauty pageant is only a one sided choice, you can have several more choices. I became popular after winning the pageant, my career also developed fame."


She took out a crystal necklace: "This is the necklace that witnessed my success; I wore it when I won my first success." Michelle felt the necklace, she was utterly overcome by emotion, their hearts began embracing one another further.


She became Michelle's stepmother; Michelle did not dare to call her 'sister' before her father, so she simply calls her by her name.


She positioned her stepmother's pageant photo at a visible angle, each time when friends came visiting, she will proudly introduce her step mother to them.


In 1999, 18 years old Michelle represented New York to participate in Miss Chinese International beauty pageant.


The pageant was held at Hong Kong's Shangri-La Hotel. Her blood mother came to watch her. After 8 years of not seeing one another, her mother was still as beautiful, as outstanding. At that moment, Michelle only felt unfamiliarity, she kept wondering why her mother did not appear during her weakest times. Was it just for the revenge of her father that she gave up raising her own daughter?


Those days, Michelle spent almost every day talking to her step mother on the phone.


Michelle kept wearing the crystal necklace. The lucky charm brought Michelle unexpected success. She was crowned the winner and simultaneously won 'Miss Classic Beauty' award.


Onstage, Michelle only thought of thanking one person most, Thank you my dearest sister!


The warmth of love has brought her further than expected.


Her father and stepmother flew to Hong Kong to congratulate her, they booked a room in a five star hotel and invited their relatives and friends for a gathering. Her stepmother came to pick her at her hotel, when her blood mother saw this, she silently left.


During her journey towards the hotel, Michelle anxiously contacted her blood mother, she wanted to tell her mother: "Mother, don't leave Hong Kong, I will come to see you, I have won, I have realized your dream, Mom, do you know that?"


However, Mother's cell phone was unanswered, where was Mother? Michelle was anxious to tears, she hoped her stepmother can give her more self confidence. "Xuan Er, you should be exceptionally happy today, because your mother knows that you've won, her dream has come true, she won't lose contact with you, definitely not!" Stepmother's words were soothingly gentle as always.


A day later, Michelle contacted her mother, they came out for tea.


Mother's face was filled with happiness, she smiled holding out Michelle's photo when she was just 6: "You loved singing and dancing since young, I did not spend time training you that time. Indeed you were still too young, thinking back now, is your success genetic?"


Mother's gentle hand clasped Michelle's tightly.


"Mother, I have something to ask you, why did you left me all alone back then?"


Mother was silent for a moment, speechless: "That was a mistake when I was young. Actually, Mom misses you every single day, until when you went to the States that I did feel relieve, indeed going to the States gives you a brighter future. I know I've owed you too much…"


"Mom, during the pageant this time, it was all because of stepmother, without her I wouldn't be standing onstage to be crowned Miss Chinese International."


"You have two mothers in your life, I appreciate her very much!" Mother's heart was calm, Michelle couldn't help smiling.


"Mom, stepmother wants me to come to progress in Hong Kong, this way, you can come to Hong Kong easily… We won't be separated for another 8 years!" Michelle felt a hot tear trickle, wanting to tell her mother all her sorrows and hopes.


Michelle signed contract with TVB after winning the MCI pageant, entered the entertainment industry and became a celebrity. She was taking classes while working.


Michelle's fist series was 'Gods of Honor', she later filmed 'Reaching Out', 'Network Love Story' and several other series, and successfully became TVB's most popular fa dan.


In 2004, when Michelle represented TVB to host for Olympics, her luggage was stolen. Startled, Michelle tried contacting her stepmother, and told her the misfortune which befell her. Her stepmother booked an air ticket to Athens immediately.


"Sister!" Michelle called from her heart, "It is touching enough even if you're really my sister, when furthermore you're my stepmother!"


That time, stepmother gave up discus


sing a major case just for Michelle. It was not that money means nothing to her, but she was determined to make up for the love Michelle had missed out so much!


In July 2005, Michelle collaborated with Hong Kong's Dance Troupe and played the role Zhou Xuan. She secretly felt the magical of the fated arrangement. She called her mother, Mother said: "I would have never dreamt that my own daughter will one day play my favorite idol."


Indeed, dreams come true when you work for them.


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