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Michelle Ye supports 'Triple Tap'; plays couple across a 'dimension' with Louis Koo again

Posted by MYR on June 29, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Source: Movie Net

29th Jun 2010




Michelle Ye as Li Bingbing's Cantonese dubber

'Triple Tap' which will soon hit the screens had its Beijing premier ceremony on 28th June. Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Li Bingbing were present, Michelle Ye as the honored guest was invited to attend as well. Michelle Ye is invited as the dubber for Li Bingbing's Cantonese dialogues. Michelle Ye is satisfied to be just the 'green leaf' this time around in 'Triple Tap', because of the special invitation from her good friend, Louis Koo, 8 hours of dubbing continuously is as though she is part of the movie as well, expressing love hate through her vocal.


It is revealed that Michelle Ye dubbing for Li Bingbing this time around is done in between her day and night hectic schedule due to her good friend's invitation, she sacrificed her sleeping hours to give her vocal support. Michelle Ye and Louis Koo had great chemistry in 'Accident', allowing her to win the HKFA award, their chemistry performance this time around across the vocal dimension is much anticipated too. Director especially invited Michelle Ye who was filming in Beijing to come as support, the two who appeared together giving audience even more anticipation that they will once again officially work together.

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