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Sun Nan, Michelle Ye 'Golden partnership' films new song MV, portraying passionate love

Posted by MYR on June 30, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Source: Movie Net


30th Jun 2010





Sun Nan is currently in Shanghai to film MV for his new song 'Confession'. The MV has specially invited the newly honored HKFA Best Supporting Actress, Michelle Ye to be the female lead. This is a golden partnership between a king of the music and queen of the movie industry. Sun Nan who is acting for the first time in his MV, in order not to waste Michelle Ye's fine skills, will be filming 'Confession' as a short love story.


It is revealed that Michelle Ye is supporting Sun Nan's new MV because Sun Nan has earlier on before the HKFA, watched Michelle Ye's movie and thought her to be suitable for his MV. He then tried asking Michelle Ye, and for her convenience of filming, the entire filming crew went to Shanghai where Michelle was filming. Sun Nan is full of praises towards Michelle Ye's performance in the MV, that Michelle Ye is no doubt a skilled actress, her every move and step is just appropriate, and becomes the best female lead among the several MVs of his!

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