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Sohu Exclusive Interview 'Accidents' Louis Koo, Michelle Ye: Affection is merely an expression

Posted by Kim on September 6, 2009 at 10:21 AM

Source: Sohu Entertainment

6th Sep 2009


'Accidents' is without doubt a man's movie, Louis Koo alone has the most crucial performance, and can even be said to be his best performance in the recent years, it's no wonder the crew has already started teasing him with their recognition of him as their movie king, this definitely is his own movie. Of course nothing is definite, however outstanding he is, he can never do it alone. In accidents, Louis Koo has scenes with Michelle Ye, her scenes are not much, tender and attractive, but she is without the common sloppiness of those beauties, frank and agile, she clearly demarcated her love and hate, leaving an unforgettable impression to the audience.


Most male and female leads will definitely have love relationship, in 'Accidents' Louis Koo and Michelle Ye are only busy with their business – assassination business. Despite the flower blooming its heart, the waters of river remains ruthless, their affection, was simply truncated on a brief smile exchanged, leaving audience helpless.



Sohu: Did you guys communicate privately on how to portray the affection of blooming flower and ruthless waters of river (female has the intention, but male remains cool)?


Louis Koo: No, only listen to director, I discussed more with director, at the scene, or in the story, what he tells you varies from day to day, one day he tells you a lot, sometimes don't get what he's thinking about, it was quite peculiar at first, I don't know how he wants me to act, but after a month we begin to grasp his concept. Initially, maybe he was still unsure how this movie should be filmed to its own style, I discussed with him a lot, after a month it was quite clear how I should act.


Michelle Ye: Initially, director did not fix my role, I was simply his colleague, we assassinate together, just a companion in the assassination team. After filming for a few days, he discovered in one of the ping pong scene that we both have some chemistry, and exchanged an affectionate smile, he said when he and Johnny To were editing that particular scene, they decided they might as well develop our love relationship. So this is what the directors has discussed and relate to us. When we are acting, we might perform some minor things that are out of our own conscious, we ourselves do not realize it.



Sohu: Both of you have worked with Johnny To before, what is the difference when working with both director Johnny To and Cheng Pou Sui?


Louis Koo: They are similar in that they both do not have scripts, I don't feel that there is any difference. (laughs) It takes a very long time to film their movie, when I filmed 'Election', it took more than a year, this one took even longer, almost 17 months before it was finally completed. The difference is, I feel that Cheng Pou Sui's style is newer, and also when he tells you how the role should be acted, it is not very clear – this is a good thing, because when I act this role, a lot of things are unclear, my perception is also unclear, in between trusting and not trusting, because when I see Richie, I begin to believe he is an assassin, he is coming to assassinate me, but then later I really couldn't confirm if he is just a normal person, or an assassin who is coming after me. This is the condition he (director) demands me to be in.


Michelle Ye: I think both directors are very different, perhaps it is because I'm an actress, I feel that Director To is very solemn, but he won't go into the very detail to tell you, how you are to act, how you build the role, is simply right or wrong. Director Cheng tells you to the very detail, on how to act, and why it should be acted so, this is the biggest difference. But both directors are very earnest, and are very steadfast about their own style, and I admire them a lot on this.



Sohu: Speaking about collaboration with Director To, Michelle Ye's role in 'Accidents' is very similar to the one in 'Vengeance', they're both straightforward roles, did the director picked you from the very beginning and adapted the role towards you?


Michelle Ye: Initially it wasn't so. Initially, Director Cheng told me, in 'Accidents' my role is very cunning, an intelligent and sly woman. But along the filming, she becomes a passionate woman, and does so much for the man she loves, when he kills me, I just held back my tears and did not even attempt to escape, did not even blink of regret. Maybe because along the time, director saw the potential in me, and thought my style suited this more, and didn't suit the cunning one, and seemed better suited as a fool. Thus, I'm very happy to be able to participate in their part of creation, and began to realize that your performance does actually affect how their creation will be like, affecting the progress of the film.



Sohu: So you like the role that was changed later better?

Michelle Ye: Probably I'm more proficient in that later role. Director probably watched my face, and don't even know how sly should be acted, and then decided to let me buy him (Louis) food and taking care of him, etc.



Sohu: May I ask Louis, in comparison to the comedy 'His Majesty's Secret Service', which one is more interesting?


Louis Koo: I hope to film good movies, it depends on what mood you look at this matter, when you pay a ticket for comedy, you expect it to make you laugh, when filming 'Accidents' I only thought of how best to film the movie. After watching the movie, audience will realize that Hong Kong does have some good films too. Actually when I accepted this movie, I knew it would take a long time to film, but I am willing to spend that much time because I feel that a good film does take time to film.



Sohu: Just no you said this movie filmed for 17 months, was it a tormenting ordeal of 17 months?

Louis Koo: I don't feel so, I didn't mind filming longer, even if it took longer (than 17 months), it didn't matter, really. 'Election', I filmed that for 13 months, I didn't mind this one took 17 months at all, I even felt it could've taken longer.



Sohu: Have you guys watched the movie?


Louis Koo, Michelle Ye: Not yet.



Sohu: Then which scene do you anticipate most?


Louis Koo: We filmed too many things, especially me, too many, I don't know what it would be like after all the editing.


Michelle Ye: We will watch it tonight, it feels like the mood of a fan going to watch a movie, it doesn't feel like watching our own movie, every time I called the director to ask how the movie was going, director kept saying, you will know after watching it, he wanted to keep us curious, and made me very anxious.

Louis Koo: After filming the movie, I heard that Michelle had to add extra scenes, I asked director, how come I didn't need to add scenes, director said you filmed too many scenes already. Filming for 17 months! Filmed too much already.



Sohu: Is there an exceptionally unforgettable scene? Audiences are most impressed at the perfectly planned assassination with the blocked road and fallen glass. Michelle's death scene is also most unforgettable, was it you personally?


Louis Koo: Her scene was okay, she was sitting in the car. My scene, it was by the market, and there was a big crowd on the streets, we filmed form morning to evening, and there were a lot of students after school hours, a lot of people, you people had the satisfaction of watching, but it was quite an ordeal to film that, with so many people, and when someone looks at the camera, it has to be re-filmed.

Michelle Ye: That scene was acted by me personally. Actually it was quite dangerous. Director had them throw glass on my face, and the bleeding was real too, but it was not real glass, it was fiber, so the sharpness was reduced. That scene was added too, I initially died quietly, then director felt that it was better if I scolded him some vulgar language before dying.



Sohu: When filming this movie, it looks very depressed, what did you guys think of when filming this?

Louis Koo: It was just as depressing and tormenting. If you look into director's depressed expression you will feel so too, he tells you with his tormenting expression every day, how to act. And also we filmed for a very long time, it was not easy to maintain in such depressing mood for such a long time, I chose a music for myself, I will listen to it before go for filming.


Michelle Ye: Is there such tactic? I didn't know before. I'm the type who loves to joke at the set, but this filming crew is exceptionally solemn, to a state of anxiety. There was once when we were watching replay at the set, director got a phone call, it was his wife, because his wife just delivered a daughter, director was exceptionally anxious when answering the call, saying: "Cut! Cut!" And then talked to his wife to on the phone, we were saying, director, it is just a replay, how do we cut?! That atmosphere is definitely tensed.

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