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Michelle Ye plays passionately in love assassin; loves Louis Koo without regrets

Posted by Kim on September 6, 2009 at 10:00 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

6th Sep 2009



66th Venice Film Festival nominated film 'Accident' female lead Michelle Ye accepts exclusive interview with Sina Entertainment. Michelle Ye reveals Cheng Pou Sui and Johnny To both saw the passionate love side of her, and created an intelligent yet obstinate in love assassin role for her, and she was willing to be killed by Louis Koo for her love.


While waiting for Michelle Ye, we witnessed her speaking to media of all over the globe in her perfectly fluent English. She was in Cannes in May for Director Johnny To's 'Vengeance', her new trail in the men's world becomes the tender side behind the tough heroes, leaving deep impression to audience. She challenges a variety of tough roles and is labeled internationally as 'Hong Kong's new queen of movie successor'.



Michelle Ye: Hello friends of Sina! I'm Michelle Ye, sending my regards from Venice.


Sina: You were at Cannes Film Festival in May, what is the difference now you feel in Venice?


Michelle Ye: It feels quite different, Venice's romantic side is affecting me deeply. We just arrived yesterday, we went for dinner, a restaurant just by the bank, as we walk it feels as though we were back in Shanghai's Longtang, but the road became rivers, and there were boats, I never know there exist such a romantic city on the other side of earth.


In Cannes, it was not as relaxing, it was very exciting and there was quite a crowd.



Sina: The last time you were in Johnny To's movie, this time you are again in Cheng Pou Sui's movie, you acted as assassin in both, what are the difference between the two roles?


Michelle Ye: It is quite different, I play assassins in both the movies, in the movie this time around, my appearance is very cool, and there were more space for my relationship progression. Initially when we started filming, director told me that my role was a woman that follows a man and old man around to assassinate people, and that our relationship was merely business, there were no relationship scenes, it was fixed so, and it was quite lacking of something for an actress, because we are more proficient in standing out at relationship scenes. After few days of filming, director discovered an affectionate feeling between Louis and I in the ping pong scene, he and director Johnny To felt that the affection should be developed, and thus the plot was then changed. Thus 'Accidents' has more room for performance in comparison to 'Vengeance', it was more meaningful.



Sina: Do you feel that you have the air of an assassin?


Michelle Ye: I've been playing roles that are full of sentiments in the past, for example girls who are passionately in love, and a lot of those where I sacrifice willingly for love, Director Cheng and Director To saw this potential inside me, and initially the role they gave me with Louis Koo had no relationship scenes, but when they saw this particular thing in me, they arranged more scenes for us.


Especially the scene where I was killed by Louis Koo, we are close colleagues, I understand his every move, I know his next move was to kill me, but I only held back my tears and had no intention to defend myself, I kept my calmness and was ready to die for him. This is only something that a person deeply in love would do, directors saw this potential in their actor and they changed my role to adapt the scene.



Sina: How is your role in 'Fire Dragon'?


Michelle Ye: In 'Fire Dragon' I went through all the hardships for Leon Lai, I saved him from few gun battles, and was also not regretting all my sacrifices.



Sina: This is the first time you appear with short hair, is this the new image for Venice?


Michelle Ye: On the day we finished filming 'Fire Dragon', the next day I was to head to venice, Leon Lai shaved away his moustache, and told me "You're going on the plane tomorrow, but your hair is in the mid length." I wanted to have a trim, but I was doubtful on how, Leon then said, "You might as well cut it extremely short." He gave me the courage, and motivated me, other colleagues at the set also encouraged me, thus I took the courage to become like what it is now.



Sina: If you were given a chance to perform to your liking, what kind of role would you choose to portray?


Michelle Ye: I will be working with Director To again, Director To has tailor made a role especially for me. I personally prefer Wu Xia films, I won the 'Most Classic Beauty' before my debut, and also acted a lot of ancient series like 'Lofty Waters Verdant Bow', 'Eternal Happiness'… etc. After I changed career to movies, it was coincidentally when Hong Kong movies also changed its styles, it has very few ancient movies, I've been filming modern movies. I have been anticipating a warrior woman, to film ancient movie again.

I think I might be working with Louis Koo again, and to play a romance film, purely romance, it will be quite meaningful.



Sina: Hopefully friends in Mainland will be able to watch your works soon.

Michelle Ye: I've been working in Hong Kong for almost ten years, most people think I'm from Hong Kong, actually I'm from Hangzhou, Mainland is my origin land, I will explore Mainland market more in future. Nowadays, Hong Kong actors and movie companies collaborate a lot with Mainland films, our 'Fire Dragon' will also be aired in Mainland, we will have lots of changes to meet in future.

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